Top 11 Pranks

#11: The Dunder Code

S9E12 "Customer Loyalty"

Jim's away in Philly, but a years old prank he set up for Dwight to discover finally comes to fruition. 

Dwight discovers an old client file for "Scranton Mimeograph Corp." and is quickly intrigued by a letter from Robert Dunder (co-founder of the company) stating:

"A valuable artifact has come into my possession. I have hidden it until such time as a person of strong intellect may safely recover it. This golden chalice is of immeasurable historical and religious significance.” The Holy Grail.

Pam asks Jim over the phone if he'd ever sent Dwight on a quest for The Holy Grail, and we get a montage of younger Jim setting up the prank.

The Dunder Code! I completely forgot about that prank. That had to be like six or seven years ago. Stayed late every night for a month. Had a lot more free time back then.
So Dwight sets off on the quest with Kevin's help, first interpreting the invisible ink message Jim had left.

“Higher than numbers go.” The ceiling above accounting!
By now, the other members of the office are intrigued, following Dwight into a locked drawer in the annex, and watching as he pulls out a hand of cards.  When Kevin says it's a flush, everyone follows Dwight to the bathroom where he finds a toy forklift.  They all go down to the warehouse and tear it upside down looking for the Grail.  Jim doesn't know if he ever remembered to put the fake grail in the warehouse, but we see that he did.

#10: Rockin' Robin

S3E13 "The Return"

Andy's getting on Jim's nerves, so Pam helps Jim prank him. 

Andy's annoying Jim with his new ringtone, a mashup of his acapella rendition of "Rockin' Robin", so with Pam's help, he takes Andy's phone and hides it in the ceiling while Pam stands guard.

Don't get on Jim's bad side.
Andy realizes it's missing when it begins ringing over their heads.  Pam tries to keep from losing it while she calls his phone.

Tweedley Deet Dee Dee, Tweedley Deet Deet Dee...
Later on, Jim calls it himself.  And Andy gets really frustrated.

Where's my freaking phone!?
And by the end of the episode, Jim and Pam realize they may have taken things too far.

Jim: Oh my God, that's half-inch drywall.
Pam: I think we broke his brain.

#9: Wrapped Up in Christmas

S5E10 "Morroccan Christmas"

Once again, Dwight's desk is Jim's target.

Dwight comes into the office to find his desk in festive cheer.

Jim: Happy Holidays, Dwight. But do not open it till Christmas.
Dwight underestimates Jim's prankery, claiming he'll take it apart in about 5 minutes. Only for this to happen the minute he tosses his briefcase onto it.

That's a wrap.

#8 Moving Dwight's Desk

S2E6 "The Fight"

Dwight is Jim target again, and this time he's moved Dwight's desk to a very undesirable location.

As Dwight comes in to work for the day, he discovers a problem.

Dwight: Where's my desk?
Dwight's upset about it and Jim tells him to retrace his steps to find it.  Fed up, Dwight threatens to tattle to Michael.  Just as he's about to enter his office, Jim speaks up.

Jim: Colder.

Dwight eventually finds his desk has been relocated to the men's bathroom.

Ever the star employee, Dwight sets to work rather than ratting Jim out.

And reminds Kevin to wash his hands.

#7: Jim-poster

S9E3 "Andy's Ancestry"

Who says what made The Office awesome left with Michael in Season 7? Here's a great one from Season 9.

Dwight is surprised to see an unfamiliar face at Jim's desk one morning.

Dwight: Who are you?
"Jim": I'm Jim. We've been working together for 12 years. Weird joke, Dwight.
Dwight's not buying though, and decides to test him.

Dwight: Alright then Jim. Ah, why don't you tell me about that sale that you made yesterday?
"Jim": Uh, Wellington systems? Sold them 10 cases of 24-pound letter stock. Or, were you talking about Krieger-Murphy?  
Of course, Pam's in on it.

Pam: Jim, I got us that dinner reservation. Grico’s at 7:30.
"Jim": Oh great, can't wait
Pam explains to the cameras that "Jim" is really Steve, an actor friend of theirs and the real Jim is at a dentist appointment. Just as you think the prank couldn't get any more elaborate, Dwight shows us this in frustration.

Fake JAMily

#6: Dwight's Wired

S5E12 "Prince Family Paper"

With one simple purchase, Jim can keep Dwight busy and get his prank on all at once.

Dwight discovers a strange red wire coming out from his computer.

Dwight: What's this?

Jim shrugs it off saying he's busy while Dwight decides to find where the wire leads, pulling up the tape holding it down from around Stanley and Phyllis' desks and then out into the parking lot.

Jim then explains.

I got 500 feet of red wire at a flea market up by Dunmore High School. 20 bucks for the whole spool. Crazy, what a deal.
And then we see Dwight climbing the telephone pole outside in the background.

Jim: Oh he'll be fine. I made it up there.

#5: Vending Machine

S2E11 "Booze Cruise"

Dwight, Jim's favorite person to prank, discovers his belongings have been put in The Office's vending machine.

Dwight: Jim, This is not funny. Why is my stuff in here?

Jim casually munches on a bag of chips while Pam comes in to help out.

Pam: What do I want? What do I want... Oh, it's a pencil cup.
Dwight: No, no, no, no, no. That's my pencil cup.
Pam: Um, I don't think so, I just bought it.
When Dwight realizes he's going to have to buy all of his stuff back, he looks for his wallet.  But Jim's thought ahead.  Dwight's wallet is in the vending machine. So charitable Jim hands Dwight a bag full of nickles.

Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five...

#4: Nickel and Diming

S2E21 "Conflict Resolution"

This episode is packed with some of the best of Jim's pranks on Dwight.  (Like making his security badge larger than necessary, paying the others to call him Dwayne all day, etc) But here's our favorite:

We don't get to see this one, which is a shame, but here's what we do get. Michael reads off a list of Dwight's complaints about Jim.

Michael: "This morning, I knocked myself in the head with the phone."
Which doesn't seem to be a valid complaint against Jim, until he explains.

That actually took a while. I had to put, uh, more and more nickels into his handset, till he got used to the weight, and then I just... took 'em all out.

#3: Pavlov's Dwight

S3E15 "Phyllis' Wedding"

Jim conducts an experiment.

Jim seems to be being nice to Dwight as he reboots his computer

Hey Dwight, do you want an Altoid?

But then Jim tells us what's really going on.

In school, we learned about this scientist who trained dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell by feeding them whenever a bell rang. For the last couple of weeks I've been conducting a similar experiment.

Cut to Jim rebooting his computer 3 times, and all 3 times offering Dwight a mint at the ding of his computer. The fourth time, however, Jim reboots his computer without the offer.

Jim: What are you doing?
Dwight doesn't have a clue.

I don't know. My mouth tastes so bad all of a sudden

#2: Jello Molds

S1E1 "Pilot" & S3E1 "Gay Witch Hunt"

One of Jim's most loved pranks repeats a few times.  (also in a season six deleted scene for you DVD watchers) We're pretty sure we can expect to see a mold of some kind in the Finale.

Jim's Jello-ed Dwight's stapler

And Michael's mug

And Andy's calculator in Season 3

It's anyone's guess as to what might end up in Jello at the end of the series...maybe Jim's nametag and they all get him back? :D

#1: Jim Dresses Up As Dwight

S3E20 "Product Recall"

Our number one prank is a fan favorite. Need we say anything else but...

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Honorable mentions:

S9E23 "Finale" which Jim calls his own "Best prank ever."

S1E3 "Health Care"
-Jim locks Dwight in his workspace.

S2E22 "Casino Night"
-Jim convinces Dwight he has telekinetic powers.

S3E7 "Branch Closing"
-Sent faxes from Future Dwight on Dwight's stationary.

S3E10 "A Benihana Christmas"
-Jim and Pam convince Dwight he's being recruited by the CIA.

S6E17 "St. Patrick's Day"

S7E18 "Garage Sale" 
-Jim tricks Dwight into trading a telescope for Magic Beans (ahem, Miracle Legumes)

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