#31DaysOfTheOfficeCostumes with Brittni Dekle Brown

If you haven't heard of Brittni, the woman behind #31DaysofTheOfficeCostumes, yet... well... you have a lot to learn about this town, sweetie.

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Day 25: Goldenface. From
#31DaysofTheOfficeCostumes with Brittni Dekle Brown

Every October, we see lots of Halloween costumes inspired by The Office. Like the classics: 3 hole punch Jim coupled with Kitty-Pam

Courtesy of fan Gabrielle
And Dwight in his mustard-shirted glory

Btw, little Dwights are my personal favorite <3

Take all my candy!
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I digress

Sometimes we see some true gems that are a little less "hits" and more "deep tracks" from The Office that only a true fan would appreciate.

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But this year, we became aware of a Halloween-Spirited The Office fan unlike anything we've ever seen before. Her name? Brittni Dekle Brown. Her game? An entire month of 31 The Office themed Halloween costumes. 

31's the new number, ya'll.
So far she's been:

Day 1: Prison Mike
Day 2: Poop is raining from the ceiling Angela
Day 3: Kevin spilling his chili
Day 4: Fun Run Pam
Day 5: Dwight with Pervert poster
Day 6: Lazy Scranton Michael
Day 7: Lazy Scranton Dwight
Day 8: Pumpkin Head Dwight
Day 9: Date Mike
Day 10: Beach Day Kevin
Day 11: Meredith getting run over
Day 12: Knights of the Night Dwight
Day 13: 3 hole punch Jim
Day 14: Boom Roasted Michael
Day 15: Dwight with CPR dummy face
Day 16: Mose in FEAR shirt
Day 17: Creed on Halloween
Day 18: Dinner Party Jan
Day 19: Dwight with beet stained hands
Day 20: Jim in Branch Wars disguise
Day 21: Bald Meredith
Day 22: Dwight as the Scranton Strangler
Day 23: Oscar doing origami
Day 24: Chili's Pam
Day 25: Goldenface
Day 26: Mose at daycare
Day 27: Save Bandit! Angela
Day 28: World's Best Boss Michael (with her son as a little Dwight -- squee!)
Day 29: Sexy Toby
Day 30: ???
Day 31: ???

Check out her handy-work in the Facebook album below: 

We got a chance to chat with her and learn a little more about the superwoman stealing the hearts of Halloween-loving The Office fans all over the internet. Brittani, a stay at home mom of two boys in Georgia is sharing her 31 days of The Office Costumes hoping to raise money for Together We Rise! a non-profit organization for foster children.

The Office-isms: What made you decide to do 31 days of sweet 'stumes, dude?

Brittni: I was looking at an article about North Farmington High School and how the seniors there dress up for their photo IDs (which is hilarious) and then tweet them. #NFID19 There was a Lazy Scranton Mike and Dwight and I thought it was so great. But I found myself thinking these photos would be even better if they were all from The Office. This was in September so I started thinking about how awesome The Office Halloween costumes would be. There’s so many choices though, how can you pick just one. Then I just thought it would be so funny to do one every day for the month of October. So I made a list of all the costume ideas I could do to even see if I could come up with 31. Once I made the list I knew I had to do it. About day 4, I came up with the idea to use it to raise money for a fundraiser. I knew immediately I wanted it to be for foster kids. I know a few people who work with foster kids or who are foster parents.

The Office-isms: It seems like it took a lot of planning.

Brittni: It was mid September when I came up with the idea, so I had to start planning right away. I went through the costume ideas and figured out what I could use that I already owned and what I would need to make or buy. I live down the street from a thrift shop and I went there A LOT! By the end of September I had several of the outfits ready and started taking the photos. So when October 1st came around I had a few to choose from. It was really flexible though, there are some costumes I took photos of but then later decided not to use because I wanted to do a different one more. I played by ear as I went. 

The Office-isms: Have you ever done anything like this before?

Brittni: I have not, not like this. I certainly have not gotten this amount of attention for anything. I’m so happy people love it though. I was really nervous that first day I posted, but it’s been so wonderful. Office fans are the best!

The Office-isms: Does Halloween mean something special to you?

Brittni: Halloween has always been more about the costume than the candy for me. I’m ALL ABOUT THOSE COSTUMES! I have always loved costumes and Halloween is the one time of year were it’s acceptable to wear a costume. It’s so fun. I love themed family costumes too! Last year we were the Ninja Turtles and I crocheted us all matching hats to wear. I don’t know what I’ll do when by kids get too old for themed costumes. Ha!

The Office-isms: You've done some really great unique costumes we haven't seen before, like Angela avoiding poop coming from the ceiling, Beach Day Kevin, and Dinner Party Jan. If you had to pick a favorite of the 31 costumes, which would it be?

Brittni: It’s hard to pick a favorite. I will say I had a hard time not laughing when I was Mose. Couldn’t keep a straight face for very long. The last few might be my favorites which is why I’m saving them for the end.

The Office-isms: A lot of fans question how much money it cost Jim to prank Dwight over the years. Similar questions are likely to come up about your project. How much would you say the 31 days has cost you?

Brittni: I have no idea, haha. I probably don’t’ want to know. I tried really hard to keep the cost low. Most of the clothes I got at thrift stores or used what I had. Any of the t-shirts I made with a Cricut machine I have. I majored in art so I love crafty stuff and making things. I tried to make whatever I could like Kevin’s hair hat and the CPR dummy face. I do a lot of crafting so I already had a lot of supplies.

Be sure to follow Brittni Dekle Brown on Facebook when she reveals her favorite costume of the month on Halloween Day October 31st. And while you're there, give a donation to Together We Rise! in support of the cause so special to Brittni.