The Office on The Sims 3

I promise, I do actually have a real job and a life outside of The Office. But when I have free time (and I usually have lots of it thanks to said real job) I like to spend it on diving deeper and deeper into Dunderhead fandom. Some are obvious, like this website and The Office-isms Facebook page and Discussion Group, compilation videos and hundreds of memes that you're probably already aware of. And others, like this one, I've kept under wraps until I felt like they were worthy of sharing with other superfan Office-ionados.

This project was something I've picked away at for many years.  For fun mostly, but also because: Of the various 3D models from the show already available online? Few get it right. And none show things like the warehouse or Vance Refrigeration's offices.

All of the custom content you see (general Office-y decorations not directly from the show, like the file folders and reception desk) came from this wonderful website: (If you're into The Sims and haven't discovered this site yet, it will forever change the way you play the game)

And on that site, there's this awesome little program for creating custom content yourself called TSR Workshop. Now, I'm no mesh designer, so every wall decoration you see that's directly from the show (Pam's painting, Dunder Mifflin signs etc) all came from using that program for the simplest form of beginner content editing: changing textures on existing paintings, and a little bit of elementary Photoshop.

I tried my best to make it as show accurate as the game would allow. Some discrepancies couldn't be avoided. Like the number of windows in the conference room because the interior and exterior TV sets are different. Others (like the U-shaped stairs from The Office and L-shaped stairs into the warehouse) could have been more accurate had I known those things needed to be built first. But by the time I learned this, my build was already 75% done and I didn't have the patience to scrap it and start over. Lastly, I took some liberties with Vance Refrigeration's offices (indicated by blue walls in the shots below) since we never saw much of those on the show, and also with the warehouse and hallways.

As I said above, few models get everything just right. So please, feel free to point out any mistakes you might see so I can adjust them in the game and repost updated screenshots.

Without further ado, here's my Sims 3 Scranton Business Park (click any photo to enlarge)

Exterior. Note billboards, hay bails from, roof
ladder from The Client, and trampoline from Safety Training

Warehouse exterior with Dunder Mifflin deliveries sign

Scranton Business Park entrance

1st floor. Coffee Shop

Using the elevator, we move up to the 2nd floor

Dunder Mifflin office entrance viewed from Vance Refrigeration office
(Elevator is to the right off screen)


Note Pam's painting, the painting above the couch and
the Teamwork poster behind reception.
That's Erin at reception btw

The Office, skyview

Dwight/Jim/Pam desk clump


Accounting with Calendar and Jazz babies poster
Notice Creed's mugshot next to his desk

View of Office from Meredith's desk
Michael's Office
Notice his "Seyko" watch certificate

View of the office through the blinds from Michael's desk

Andy/Phyllis/Stanley desk clump
That is supposed to be a water cooler in the upper
right corner, but it won't load the water jug properly :/

Jim's/Darryl's office

Conference room


Bathroom doors and Ryan's closet office door
with Dunder Mifflin mission statement

Ryan's office closet
with St Pauli Girl beer sign

Men's room

Women's room

Women's room


Kelly's Nook

Gabe's, Toby's, and the New Guys' desks

Alternate view of Annex. At the bottom of the screen is a
hallway leading to the warehouse stairs (liberty taken)

Break room

Break room

Stairs (between Annex and conference room)
I know they're not right. :(

Now let's move downstairs (liberties taken)

Back toward the coffee shop

Cafe Disco! with MSPC whiteboard

Hallways, warehouse bathrooms, Foreman's office
(liberties taken)

Liberty taken! Vance Refrigeration stock storage

Sky view of the warehouse (liberties taken)

Basketball hoops

Darryl and Roy (I know, they don't look very accurate)
Notice the Kevin and The Zits band setup behind the couch

Pam's warehouse mural

I know the stairs are wrong :( 

Let's go up the stairs to the second floor again

And take a short tour of my idea of Vance Refrigeration's offices

Reception (the only part we briefly saw)

Complete liberties taken
Blue walls = Vance Refrigeration
I feel like Bob's the kind of guy who would want his own
private bathroom connected to his office (center top)

Vance Refrigeration offices (liberty) Conference room lower right

And now for some fun!
Cafe Disco in it's heyday

Jim and Pam enjoying Cafe Disco
(I know she looks more like season 2 Pam than
Season 5 Pam but I couldn't find a hair style that fit her better)
Andy is in the back, Kelly and Erin lower right

Kevin admiring Michael's Back From Vacation photo

Dwight, giving a talking head in the conference room

Jim doing a talking head in the conference room

Michael at his desk

Stanley, Creed and Phyllis from behind
the blinds in the conference room

Jim and Pam chatting in the kitchen from behind the blinds

Hope you enjoyed! And like I said above, PLEASE tell me if you see mistakes so I can fix them!

Just for fun: Caption This Photo in the comments below!
(Left to right: Michael, Dwight, Toby) 

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