The Office's 20 Best Inside Jokes

No matter how long you've been a fan of The Office or how many times you've binged the series, there's a lot of inside jokes and easter eggs the showrunners left behind you might have missed. So check out our list of The Office's Top 20 inside jokes and let us know how many you never noticed until now. 
Now's your chance

#20. Michael's Certificate

Instead of a diploma like most people would have hung up in their private office, Michael Scott proudly displays his "Seyko" watch certificate of authenticity.

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#19. Building Address

The fictional address for Scranton Business Park we see in the show places the building on Slough Avenue. Slough is also the city where the original The Office (U.K.) takes place. 

#18. Studio Address

Meanwhile, the real address of Chandler Valley Studios (the central filming location of The Office) is 13927 Saticoy St. Panorama City, California. Sound familiar? Flashback to Season 5's "New Boss" where Charles Miner tells us he worked for a company named Saticoy Steel before working at Dunder Mifflin.

African Americans have such a rich history of unusual names.

#17. PB&J License Plate & Colorful Paperclip Connection

A reddit user decided to google Jim and Pam's license plate number to see what, if anything, came up, and discovered that CHD-0032 is also the model number of Michael's favorite paperclips, (referenced in "Weight Loss").

#16. Dwight's Beet

In season 6's "St. Patrick's Day," Dwight is growing a beet on his Megadesk.  Later in the episode (after Jim forces Dwight to give up Megadesk) we get a clearer shot of the beet. 

#15. Angela's Whiteboard

In a few different spots on the large whiteboard calendar behind Angela's desk, there are a couple of jokes written by the prop department. It's difficult to see it while watching the show in seasons 4 and 5, but here's a great shot taken by Tanster over at OfficeTally during a set visit that shows it clearly.  

In the space marked for the 1st of the month, text reads "In case you haven't noticed, there's alot(sic) of colorful hooey on this board!"

In the space marked for the 16th of the month, text reads "It's too hard to write in these last 3 spaces."

#14. Dunder Mifflin Newsletters

In Season 1's "The Alliance," we see a quick shot of a company newsletter with Michael and Dwight dressed in 80's fashion.  Paused just right, you might be able to read the prop department's joke article next to the image. 

Text reads: "Welcome to yet another exciting edition of the Dunder Mifflin Newsletter. Thanks to all the staff and new contributing writers for putting this together for all of you, and also many thanks to the folks at DesignTown for printing this out for us. Hopefully, you will find a lot of useless information contained herein that will help you do your job better, faster, and quicker, and cheaper, and happier.

As anybody can easily tell, this newsletter doesn't really have alot
(sic) to say. Its really just a prop to fill some space and sort of look like a newsletter without really being much of a newsletter at all. By typing a lot of words in two columns on the front of this page, we can acheive the look of a newsletter without really reporting much news or provide any real information to the matter at all. In fact, at times we can probably get away with not using real English words such as kjgovtjskdhg, ajhfklbf, or the much beloved dnkjserhgjhf. These words can also be strung together to form a sentence, paragraph, or even a prop book, magazine, or newspaper."

Bonus: The same text is used in this other newsletter shot we see briefly in both Season 2's "The Carpet" and Season 3's "Grief Counseling" 

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#13. Beesly-"Halpret" Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

In Season 6's "Niagara," the sign outside of Jim and Pam's rehearsal dinner misspells Jim's last name "Halpret" instead of Halpert. 

Image result for halpret rehearsal dinner sign 

#12. Michael's broken TV

Remember when Jan broke Michael's $200 plasma screen TV by throwing a Dundie at it during Seasons 4's "Dinner Party"? In Season 5's "Dream Team" we get a throwback to that episode when the camera pans to show that now Michael has another larger TV underneath the still broken mounted TV. 

#11. Benihana Waitresses

In Season 3's "A Benihana Christmas," Two of the waitresses from the restaurant are invited to the office's Christmas party.  Toward the end of the episode, Michael tells Jim he had to mark one of their arms to tell them apart. But did you notice that the waitresses who show up to the party are actually different than the ones who were at the restaurant? It's an inside joke that the casting department couldn't tell them apart either. 

#10. Creed's Mugshot

In various episodes, if paused just right, you can see that Creed has his own mugshot taped up on the wall next to his desk. This shot was taken from Season 6's "The Lover."

#9. Creed's Thievery, Times Two

In season 7's "The Search" you might have spotted Creed once on Mr. Chu's bulletin board of thieves, but did you see that he's actually there twice? Once as his regular self, and then again wearing a brown wig.

#8. Michael's Wallet

In Season 4's "Chair Model" we get a quick shot of Michael's wallet, which is bedazzled along the edge with pink rhinestones. 

#7. Pam's Teapot in The Finer Things Club

In Season 4's "Branch Wars" the teapot Jim gave Pam in Season 2's "Christmas Party" can be seen during a Finer Things Club meeting. 

#6. John, Not Jim, Signs Meredith's Cast

In Season 4's "Launch Party" John Krasinski signs his own name instead of his character's name on Meredith's pelvic cast. 

I'll read this when I get home.

#5. Dwight's Hotel Hell Salary

In Season 3's "The Job" Dwight's comedic exchange with Jim ends with him saying his salary as a co-owner of a bed and breakfast with Satan is $80,000 a year.

A fan on our page decided to take out his calculator and realized that this amount breaks down to $6,666.66 per month. 

#4. Clown Painting

In Season 5's "Frame Toby" Jim shows us the clown painting firmly attached to the wall in his childhood home, apparently crucial to the structural integrity of the building. But in Season 7's "Garage Sale" we see that Jim and Pam must've figured out how to dislodge it from their wall, because it's up for sale. 

#3. Michael's Salad Dressing

In season 4's "Dunder Mifflin Infinity" we see that Michael made his own salad dressing, aptly named "Great Scott", with a label reminiscent of Newman's Own brand.  And in a deleted scene from "Fun Run" Michael tells us a little more about it:

"I make my own salad dressing. I mix Newman's Ranch with Newman's Italian. Sell it at flea markets for a slight loss. I could make... I could make a profit if I changed one of the ingredients to Wishbone but I won't do it."

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#2. Phyllis and Bob, Bob Vance Refrigeration's Wedding Cake

Pause just right during Season 3's "Phyllis' Wedding" and you might notice that Phlob's wedding cake topper was, what else?, a refrigerator. But here's a better shot of it from an NBC promotional shoot. 

Image result for phyllis and bob's wedding cake
And of course the groom's cake is also a fridge.

#1. Dinner Party - The Injury Connection

In Season 4's "Dinner Party" as Jan and Michael give Pam and Jim a tour of their bedroom, you can spot Michael's George Foreman Grill right behind Jan.  It's by far our favorite prop department joke that Michael is still waking up to the smell of crackling bacon, despite having accidentally cooked his foot 2 seasons before in "The Injury."

Oh, and uh, never mind the blue adult toy....

Did we miss any of your favorite inside jokes? Sound off in the comments below.