The Office Characters: Where Are They Now?

Five years after the documentary aired, we were able to catch up with all of our favorite former Dunder Mifflinites.  So here's the scoop on what you haven't been able to see on TV.

Andy Bernard: 

Within a year of the documentary airing, Andy found himself married and living his dream, becoming part of the new-student-recruitment staff of his beloved Cornell.  But in 2015, he discovered his new wife having an affair with Broccoli Rob.  "I've been betrayed like this before," Andy said of his heartache, "but I would have been willing to work it out. I could have forgiven the cheating.  I could even have forgiven him. But not after what I saw." As it turned out, he walked in on the couple in a compromising position whilst wearing Harvard Pride T-Shirts. "There's a big red line you can't cross with me, and they did. It was completely unforgivable." The unfortunate incident had bittersweet results: The marriage ended in divorce, but his loyalty inspired the college to not only give him a raise, but also name him as Here Comes Treble's permanent Artistic Director. He's currently online dating and he's never been happier.

Angela Schrute:

Life's been hectic for this now mom of six (seven if you count Mose). After successfully convincing her husband of her cats' practical uses as farm animals, Angela's side-business "Kitty-Butter" has gained marginal local success.  Granted, that success comes from her only customer and former coworker, Kevin.  When asked about his affinity for the feline-dairy product, he said: "Hey, it's better than eating actual cats." And knowingly added:  "You can't eat those."

Creed Bratton:

What little information on Creed we can find tells us that he has warrants out for his arrest all over the world.  In the southwestern United States, he's suspected of running a theft ring after several grand pianos seemingly vanished into thin air in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Reno.  In the Bahamas, he is wanted for kidnapping various species of butterflies from a local botanical garden.  And in Thailand, there is a $50,000 reward for his whereabouts following an incident in which he "mooned" the anchors of the country's most watched morning show: "Wake Up Thai," on air.

Darryl Philbin:

Darryl has been living the good life in Austin. A few years ago, he reconciled with ex-wife Justine and brought her and their daughter Jada to live with him in Texas.  But once he realized Justine was only interested in him again due to his success with Athleap, the two split and co-parent locally. He's recently been spotted dating four different Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, but says he's not taking any of them seriously. His daughter Jada, now 18, enjoyed success as the leading scorer on her high school volleyball team, and says she hopes to use her dad's contacts and savvy to secure a professional contract in the sport after college. She'll be attending Stanford this fall, with a full athletic scholarship.

David Wallace:

Still owns Dunder Mifflin. But, he's hoping to expand the business beyond paper. Currently, he's developing a solvent that removes human feces staining from auto paint. He also credits his highly lucrative invention "Suck-It" as "the greatest mistake since penicillin."

Dwight Schrute:

Dwight has done a better job at Dunder Mifflin than anyone ever expected. His single-handed success in the Scranton branch went on to mushroom into larger and larger sales areas, eventually rendering him the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin America. As the company continued its rapid exponential growth into international waters, Dwight was recently featured (along with David Wallace) in a Fortune Magazine cover article under the heading: "Assistant (to the) CEO." His beet farm/B&B Schrute Farms continues to be successful, running with the help of his cousins Mose and Zeke.  Asked for a quote for this article, Dwight said simply: "You couldn't handle my comments." But he did express pride that his eldest son, Phillip, was able to teach his younger brothers to circumcise themselves.

Erin Hannon:

Erin continues to tour the country with her parents' puppet show, but has struggled with finding her voice.  Literally. Her puppets only do background work at the moment.  Recently engaged to Pete, Erin says she has a hard time with long distance relationships, but that they'll work it out, "as long as he doesn't go anywhere on a boat!" She added. The two plan to marry at a small ceremony later this year and don't forsee ever getting pregnant.  "We love kids." She said, "so we're going to adopt."

Gabe Lewis:

Gabe is currently enrolled in a Chinese corporate program which "rents" white people to appear more professional to clients.  His only job is to be seen and not heard.  He works in Hong Kong on Mondays and Wednesdays, Beijing on Tuesdays and Fridays and Tokyo on Thursdays. Now immersed in the cultures of the Orient, Gabe's given up his former love for all-things-Asian and instead has developed a taste for Caribbean culture. When not playing Michael's old steel-drum (purchased on eBay and shipped overseas) he can be found reciting slam poetry to his framed poster of Doug E. Doug, his only willing audience.

Jan Levinson:

After a double rejection of both her dreams: Astrid appearing on Toddlers in Tiaras, and a starring role in her own web-series, "Janton" (Think The Real Housewives of Scranton mixed with Cabaret), Jan's settled into life as a home-blogger.  We would post the link to her blog, but it's under investigation right now for recommending that parents have their children drink wine to achieve "the perfect lip stain." She's also still unable to find a therapist who will see her for more than 2 sessions.

Jim Halpert:

Recently promoted to President of New Acquisitions for Athleap, Jimothy's been highly successful since leaving his hometown.  He's responsible for signing 3 of the top 10 highest grossing athletes in American sports in recent years, but still says the best part of his day is coming home. Recently, he told us he's been considering calling Dwight to complain about how "loud" Dunder Mifflin paper is becoming.

Kevin Malone:

Kevin's still filling frothy mugs at his bar, Kevin's, in Scranton. In recent years, his business has expanded to include 3 new locations, one of which being the former Poor Richard's Pub. He was recently honored with a consideration to be added to the Five Families of Scranton, a life-long dream, and has become an active member of the city's Chamber of Commerce.  Two years ago, he married on-again-off-again sweetheart Lynne, and they've recently welcomed their first child into the world: a little girl they've named Roxanne Ruby Malone. He also continues to work on his music with the 4th resurrected version of his Police-tribute band, Scrantonicity V.

Meredith Palmer:

Meredith stepped down as Head of Supplier Relations at Dunder Mifflin in favor of a "less-demanding role" when the business expanded internationally. She now enjoys the title of "Senior Assistant to the Junior Gofer" with less hours and fewer opportunities for unethical business practices.  The position allows her enough free time to dedicate herself to her true passion: being a stage mom.  She currently books her son Jake as "an escort and adult entertainer" for no less than a 20% cut per gig. When asked what she's got planned for the year ahead she said: "I'm going sober! Today, I mean.  Er, tomorrow.  Next week at the latest!"

Michael & Holly Scott:

These two have been busy busy busy! Their children: Ryan (6), twins Stephen and Martin (4), Lucy (2) and Lily (3 months), are all happy and healthy.  The brood all moved back to Scranton early last year following the unfortunate death of Holly's father.  They purchased Jim and Pam's old house and Michael built a small Mother-In-Law cottage for Holly's mom in the backyard (and then Holly called a contractor and had it rebuilt). In their last year's family Christmas newsletter, The Scottlebutt, Michael said he was thrilled about rejoining Dunder Mifflin's sales team as a Senior Sales Associate Extraordinaire, and plans to use the first of the "thousand favors" Dwight promised him for his return, on reinstating The Dundies.

Oscar Martinez:

His successful blog, podcast and web-brand "The Finer Things Club" has been recently acquired by the Martha Stewart Corporation in a multi million dollar book deal.  But that's only a small portion of his accomplishments.  Oscar was also recently reelected for a second term as a Pennsylvania State Senator, where in his first term he successfully lobbied for new legislation close to his heart.  Oscar's Law, as it were, states that anyone caught leaving a pet in an unventilated vehicle may be punished by up to 10 years in prison. The law goes into effect this summer.

Pam Halpert:

Loving life in Austin with Jim and their three kids, Cece (8), Phillip (6), and Ellie (3), and running a small art gallery, Pam keeps pretty busy. "I love being a PTA mom" she said recently, speaking of her kids' school activities, "It's like, after the Party Planning Committee, Michael and Jan? I can handle anything these moms throw at me."

Phyllis & Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration:

These two crazy lovebirds got themselves into quite a pickle last year.  After ducking into a Model K83 Subcooler (the largest in Bob's line of industrial refrigerators) to have a, um...well, "quickie," the two were locked inside by a passing worker.  36 hours and nearly all the oxygen later, they were discovered in bad shape and rushed to the hospital. Once recovered, they both decided to retire and see the world.  They've so far made it to Indianapolis.

Ryan & Kelly Howard:

Yep, you read that right.  They tied the knot.  Again.  And again. And again.  When asked for comment on their recent re-nuptials, Kelly said "Fourth time's the charm!" and Ryan said "I don't know where its going. Stop trying to pigeon-hole me, alright? Monogamy is so old-world, it's like this ancient thing people push..." We're sorry, the interviewer couldn't take any more and had to walk away. 

Stanley Hudson:

Florida Stanley is a happy Stanley indeed.  After having left his wife and dumping both of his mistresses, this sassy black man put his messy past behind him.  His bird carvings aren't as popular on eBay as he'd hoped (in fact there's only ever been one customer, a U. Ping with billing addresses first in Boulder Colorado and then Scranton of all places...) but he doesn't really need the extra dough. Several sources have spotted him enjoying shopping sprees with and snuggling up to Janice Combs, mother of rap mogul Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.

Toby Flenderson:

After a short lived stint in New York working on his 14th unpublished Chad Flendermen Novel, Toby returned to Scranton saying "I can get rejection letters in a mailbox that doesn't cost $4000 a month." He took a job in human resources at a local TJ Maxx store, and remains single.  As he probably will be until the day he dies.

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