"A Fan-ifesto" By: Co-Admin Christine

You guys have probably seen me blast some variation of "BEST FANS EVER!!!" periodically over the last (almost) three years, and I want all of you to know, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It soars with the eagle's nest when I think of you, truly ;) You are, how you say? Beautiful.  All of you.

I wish I could afford to send each of you one of these mugs.
A little over 4 years ago, I discovered the amazing show The Office. Yeah, I was a late bloomer, but 4 popular Facebook pages and a website later, I hope I've made up for it with enthusiasm :) The first episode I ever watched was Season Six's "St. Patrick's Day."  Pretty quickly thereafter, I spent the summer watching the previous 5 seasons on Netflix.  In doing so, I found that the thing I loved most about it was not just Michael Scott (who is, by the way, my very favorite character all though I love them all), or even the hearts of the show, Jim & Pam, or any other characters, but the fantastic! comedic writing.  And specifically, the one-liners.

In the weeks leading up to Season Seven's "Goodbye Michael" in which I knew thought Michael Scott would make his final appearance on my beloved new favorite show, I began seeking out a Facebook page that might give me some of his quotes in my personal feed.  The pickings were slim, to say the least.  And so it got me thinking: What if I made one? It would be a way of hanging on to Michael even though he'd be leaving the show soon and who knows? Maybe a few dozen other people might enjoy them as well? (Little did I know at the time how big we would become).

And so, Michael Scott-isms, our very first page, was born.  (Side note: Don't bother searching for it or "liking" it on Facebook, it's no longer active which I'll explain shortly.) Now previous to this, I'd had zero experience with admining a page and had no idea how to make it grow.  All I wanted to do was post quotes from Michael that I thought were funny. But with the hype of Michael leaving, people found it on their own in those first few days.  I remember the first time I signed into the page and saw that it actually had more than just myself as a fan and I was so excited I did a little happy dance :) Seeing the attention it was getting, I decided I wanted more of that, so I started linking quotes to The Office's official Facebook page.  Pretty quickly, I realized I was not the only one who'd been so disturbed by Michael leaving the show that I'd sought out internet comfort and laughs.

We Miss You Michael Scott was another new page, started within days of Scott-isms, and growing quickly just like mine.  Eventually, the admin of that page and I started trading ideas, keeping each other going when we'd felt we were starting to run out of quotes (as if that were possible), and constantly talking about how we could make it better for the fans and for ourselves.

The attention we were getting felt so good that I vowed to myself in those early days that my number one priority would always be to listen to what the fans had to say, use your ideas and criticisms to make it better, and never use the page for anything other than what you had signed up for: Quotes from your favorite show. One of the first ideas given by a fan, and quickly implemented, was also starting a page for "The rest of the cast": The Office-isms. When Michael Scott-isms hit 500 fans, I launched The Office-isms page and reveled in having a forum to post my favorite Dwight, Jim & Pam, Meredith, Creed, and so on, moments.

Soon after, you guys started demanding asking that I post daily on both pages. ;) But having a job and no one helping me and no ability to preschedule a post, I just didn't have that kind of time to put into it, as much as I'd wanted to.  And so, I enlisted your help and asked if any fans would like to help me in order to make both daily pages, truly not expecting much of a response.  Within 24 hours, I'd received 27 inquires. (I think both pages only had about 800 fans at the time so that's a pretty big number) I was completely blown away by the amount of interest! Unfortunately, and reluctantly, I had to narrow it down to a select few who would become the Co-Admins of both pages.  Three of these people, Co-Admins Maggie, Diana and Nick, are still to this day involved with the page. (Learn more about the Co-Admins of The Office-isms here)

Initially, I used to post the quotes with Season and Episode numbers (Those funky S#E# things you see at the bottom of nearly all our posts) but it was Nick's idea to add the episode titles, something we've got a lot of awesome feedback for ever since.  It was Maggie's idea to post screenshots along with the quotes, something I hadn't previously thought of.  And it was Diana's idea for everyone to stay on a set schedule each posting on a certain day of the week to make sure we never missed a day and let the fans down.

Everybody started out as fans, just like you
Fast forward about a year and Co-Admins Trey and Zak, also fans of the pages, came into the fold.  Trey is an amazing person with so much heart and responsible for helping create more than a few of the Top 10 this or that's that we've posted over the years.  Zak is such a huge Creed fan he gave me the idea to start Creed Thoughts which he co-runs along with another Co-Admin, who we'll get to in a minute, and myself.

Did you know that even our page/website slogan: "That's What They Said" was suggested by a fan? And that the first of our profile pictures were voted on by you, our fans? And further, that when Facebook switched to Timeline and none of us knew how to do anything with digital art, a fan designed our first cover photos? (Felipe Ruiz who is one of this week's -Isms Dundie Award winners for his amazing work)

Eventually, it came to be that every day of the week was covered and both pages were being run like well-oiled machines almost entirely without my help due to these amazing people.  I felt so blessed, I wanted to give more back to the fans, so I'd started Fan Request Thursdays so you guys would have more say in what we posted.  But that didn't satisfy the "itch" I had to do more.  And so, I began to develop the website you're reading this very article on.  It took a lot of work and a crash course in both web development and Photoshop, but eventually, on 01/01/2013, TheOfficeisms.com launched, the same year The Office cast would take it's final bow. Coincidentally, when it launched, we decided to retire the Scott-isms page and make The Office-isms our main page full of quotes from ALL members of the cast, rather than everyone except Michael.

If fact, the amount of work the website took required me to recruit even more of you to help with the big ideas I had, and so Co-Admins Kevin, Shivani and Mandy came into the mix.  Kevin has become my right-hand man, one of the biggest fans of the show I've ever seen out of thousands, and helps Zak and I with Creed Thoughts and also helps host the Viewing Parties we run here on the website sometimes, and even sticks around to watch all of the episodes we had planned even if you guys are too busy to show up, which isn't often.  Yknow all those Tumblr style memes you see on The Office-isms a few times a week? You have Co-Admin Shivani to thank for those.  And Mandy has been one of the biggest assets of all, she's written multiple articles for the website as well as cast biographies.

When we first launched the website, for the first few weeks or so we began posting our quotes here, but you guys spoke up pretty quickly letting us know we were taking it in the wrong direction by straying from Facebook. We very quickly went back to posting quotes on Facebook daily, where they belonged. You wanted more show news, especially as The Office was drawing to a close, and so we gave it to you in the form of Spoiler articles here on the website.  And when the show was finally coming to an end, we were getting so much interest in fans wanting to feel like part of a community, all sadly saying goodbye together, that that's when we began running Viewing Parties and started working on proper ways to say Goodbye.  Like this funny article trying to make you laugh through the sadness, and our Goodbye Video.

T-Shirt idea
It seemed no matter what we did, as long as we kept listening to you and kept your ideas in the fore-front of our minds, we could do no wrong by you.  We began to feel comfortable getting more creative by creating digital art you could enjoy on your personal profiles, like Facebook Cover photos, and started writing quizzes like Which The Office Character Are You? and The Office: Ultimate Trivia Challenge.  We were able to do these things because we knew we had your support.

After the show ended, we made sure you all knew we weren't going anywhere because if we could begin with a Michael Scott page around the time he left and remain popular for two years, we knew you guys would keep us active long after the show graced our screens for the last time.

Nearly 25K total followers on Facebook all pages combined, nearly 75K hits on an only 16 month old website and constant activity on all, we've become one of the top Office fan groups on the World Wide Web.  And in the end, we owe it all to you.

Whether you were our 2nd fan, our 1,000th, or our most recent, The Office-isms is yours. You've shaped it, molded it, grew it and made it become the success I alone never dreamed it would or could be.  My only regret is how long it's taken to get around to letting you guys know how deeply I appreciate each and every one of you.  So in closing, thank you.  Thank you for giving me and thousands of others one of the best internet Office experiences available.  If I've said it once, I'll say it a hundred times: Best. Fans. Ever.

-Co-Admin Christine

Additional Co-Admins joined post Office finale to help run our other non-Office -isms pages, Community-isms, Parks and Recreation-isms, Friends-isms and SNL-isms, but all of these people came from The Office-isms abundant pool of fans.  They include: Co-Admins Rish, Kevin P, and Russel. All of whom are featured on our Meet Us page and are amazing :)