Co-Admin Mandy

Yup.  Those are actual signed cast photos.
Name: Mandy
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Job: Homeschool Mom of 3
Location: Murfreesboro, TN

Co-Admin Mandy contributes original web content here on, such as The Office Cast: Where Are They Now?, admins for -isms Community and Parks & Rec pages and is an Office superfan with the best office swag among us!

When did you start watching The Office?

I watched it the night it premiered and never missed an episode from then on.

What is your favorite episode and why?

There are several that I love to rewatch such as "Goodbye, Michael" (when I need a good cry) or the episode where Michael proposed to Holly (also when I need a good cry). But aside from those more typical ones, I have to say "Grief Counseling" is my favorite episode because the bird funeral is really the story line that solidified in my mind that Michael Scott was a character to whom I could relate more than I ever dreamed possible.

Who is your favorite character and why?

Dwight. Because he's a sexy beet farming nerd. And I'm not joking. Really.

Do you have a favorite moment for The Office?

Oh, so many. When Jim asks Pam out and she says, "What was the question?". When Dwight proposes to Angela. Michael's goodbyes... especially when Dwight reads the letter of recommendation.
What's it like being an admin for The Office-isms?

Admining for the -isms pages in general is a really fun way to use my love of television in a semi-productive manner. I'm so glad I was asked to join the team!

How has The Office changed your life?

After "Seinfeld" I really didn't watch tv again until "The Office". And those non-tv watching years were the worst ones of my life. Seriously. Other than my children, nothing in my life brings me as much happiness as television. So when I discovered "The Office", I discovered happiness again. Sounds crazy, I guess. But it's true. Now I'm a full-blown tv lover again and I'm so grateful for the shows that make me laugh and cry and feel.

Do you have any great memories associated with The Office?

Totally. I remember Jenna, John, and Rainn being on the Thanksgiving day parade and being so excited to watch them! I remember emailing one of the cast members on Myspace after my mom died and thanking her for the show... and then getting the sweetest, most kind response for which I will forever be grateful. I remember a friend and her dad showing up at my house, after my son came home from living at the hospital for several months while battling chemo and recovering from a bone marrow transplant, with an autograph from Creed, one of our most prized possessions. And I remember laughing. With my husband. With my children. So much laughter.