Co-Admin Maggie

Three hole punch Maggie!
Name: Maggie
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Job: Paralegal
Location: Williston, ND

Co-Admin Maggie has been with us for nearly two years, less than 6 months after we launched. She is smart as a whip, hilarious and always helpful to her fellow co-admins.  She also helped launch Parks & Rec-isms and posts on Wednesdays.  

When did you start watching The Office?

I actually was sitting at the dinner table when I watched the very first episode of the Office when it originally aired. I was probably a sophomore in high school. I remember watching it while I ate dinner with my mom and dad and having my dad comment that this show wasn’t funny. I obviously disagreed. I kept watching it on and off throughout high school but while I was in college is when I really got into the show after a friend burned me some episodes to watch. After that, I bought all the seasons!

What is your favorite episode and why?

I honestly couldn’t choose even if I tried. But, the first episodes that come to mind would be “The Dundies,” “Office Olympics,” and “Christmas Party” from season two. I also love “Safety Training” and “The Negotiation” from season three. Basically any episode from season two, three, or four is my favorite. I like all the seasons, of course, but those are my favorites. I can’t really explain why I like the episodes I do, I guess I just find them completely hilarious and full of heart.

Who is your favorite character and why?

Another hard question. First and foremost, Michael Scott. I also love Pam. But I can’t say PB without the J, so of course, Jim. Creed will always be up there too.

Do you have a favorite moment for The Office?

I absolutely love Jim and Pam’s wedding aisle dance. Best moment ever. Actually that whole episode was amazing. My absolute favorite moment has to be the very end of season three where Jim finally asks Pam out on a date and she says yes. The look on Pam’s face says it all.

What's it like being an admin for The Office-isms?

It is pretty awesome! I love being able to pick some of my favorite quotes to post each week. I also love seeing the fan interaction, it’s so great.

How has The Office changed your life?

I don’t know about how much it has changed my life but more like helped me through a lot of things, which I think is true for a lot of fans. It’s one of those shows that brightens your day when you are having one of those days. It has probably given me some unrealistic ideas about relationships and love based on Pam and Jim’s relationship. Now I will always be looking for a Jim. :-)

Do you have any great memories associated with The Office?

I’ve had some great moments watching with great friends that are big fans too. I’ll always cherish watching the show into the wee hours of the morning with friends.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Long live the Office <3