The Cast of "The Office" Says Goodbye

If you are like us, you have needed a little time and distance between you and the series finale just to regain your emotional stability. 

Seriously, this is torture.
If we, the fans, are freaking out over the end of the series, imagine how the cast must feel.  For most of the cast members, this was their first significant acting job.  Their fellow cast mates became their second family. 

John Krasinski sums up his feelings  about working on “The Office” in an interview with Parade :

John with his wife, Emily Blunt

“The show gave me everything. I was a waiter before I got it, and it’s given me every opportunity. I wouldn’t have met my wife if it wasn’t for the show because I wouldn’t be in L.A. being an actor. There’s so much that this show has given me that it will forever be the defining thing in my career no matter what, and I’m really proud of that.”  

Of course, very few people had heard of Jenna Fischer, either, before she landed the part of Pam Beesley on “The Office”.  In fact, the television series has been so special to her that she isn’t even interested in stepping into another television role right away.  In an interview that appeared on Yahoo TV
she reported about her current project, an off Broadway play called “Reasons to Be Happy”:

Jenna in
"Reasons to Be Happy"
“My heart wouldn't allow me to step into another television show.  'The Office' was just such a special work environment that I would have felt disloyal or something. It's like a relationship. How do you date again after you've had your heart broken? So I wanted a work experience that was totally different. I moved to a different city, I worked in front of a live audience on a stage with no cameras or set or anything to remind me of 'The Office.'”

In this recent interview with CNN, Rainn Wilson indicates that it’s “probable” that “The Office” would be the highlight of his career.  And we agree wholeheartedly.  Watch Rainn tell Larry King how he landed the part of Dwight Schrute:

Angela Kinsey describes playing the part of Angela Martin and saying goodbye to this season in her career in this very intimate and interesting interview with PopSugar.

Ed Helms (Andy) not only recently wrapped up his stint on “The Office” but also finished up “The Hangover”, a series of films that has been a real career changer for him.  Upon reflecting on both of these farewells, Helms said in an interview with Time magazine: 

It’s a lot of feelings mixed up. There’s a nostalgia, there’s sadness, there’s a tremendous feeling of gratitude to have just been on these two wonderful rides, and there is a tremendous amount of excitement about the road ahead and the great wide open.
Craig Robinson (Darryl) said in an interview with Los Angeles Daily News: 

"I'm gonna miss those cats making me laugh," Robinson confirmed. "Those were the most amazing relationships over there and it's sad to see that go. But it does open the way for these new things on the horizon, which is awesome. And we couldn't have been escorted out any more classy than the way Greg Daniels (showrunner)did it. He tied up all the stories, and the farewell party in Scranton ... just a wonderful thing to be a part of." 

Of course, the majority of the cast had a chance to visit with fans and bid a grand farewell to the series during a weekend long “The Office” WrapParty which took place in Scranton, PA, the city in which the series was set.  

Watch all of the season 9 farewell interviews for "The Office" here.  And trust us, they are worth your time.

We also loved this collection of tweets from Mindy Kaling, Steve Carell, John Krasinski and other cast members.

Last, but certainly not least, are these precious videos.  Be sure to get out a box of tissues before you watch.  They're tearjerkers!

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