-Isms Chat!

We've added a chat option to our site for -isms fans! We plan to use this feature in the future to discuss the show and host viewing parties of old episodes of The Office with other fans.

You may or may not know that we tried this as a temporary feature for a live viewing of A.A.R.M, which went fantastic, and a not so successful attempt for a live viewing of the Finale episode, which had to be shut down due to trolling users and our inability to moderate with the chat host we'd previously chosen.

The new chat, hosted by Chatango, allows us to moderate so that all users may have an enjoyable experience, and will now be a permanent fixture of TheOfficeisms.com.

Feel free to check it out by either clicking the "CHAT" tab on our navigation bar above, or the link below.

Keep in mind that most users will be available for chat online when we announce scheduled viewing parties.  Also, we will not be available to chat and moderate 24/7, but we will check in on it frequently to make sure everything is running smoothly and moderate when necessary. 

If you should have any questions, concerns, suggestions or chat violations to report, please CONTACT US

Sound off on Facebook or in the comments below about episode suggestions for future viewing parties.