The Office Finale: Predictions from the Co-Admins of The Office-isms

We Co-Admins here behind The Office-isms know the show pretty darn well.  So well, in fact, that we like to think we can predict what kinds of things NBC has in store for us for the Series Finale. 

The Office: Series Finale airs May 16th

 Here's our best guesses: (Some based on available SPOILERS, fyi)

Christine says:

-Andy will step down as manager, and Jim will leave Athlead and replace him (reuniting happily with Pam), finally becoming the manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton.  Dwight will become Assistant Regional Manager (not "to the"), and Clark will become the Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager.

-Dwight and Angela will reunite in the last hour of the final episode, after he chooses her over Esther.

-Something of Jim's will be put in a Jello mold, possibly by Pam or Dwight. 

-Kelly & Ryan will return with a love child.

-Toby & Nellie will begin a relationship, and Nellie will become pregnant.

-Erin will find her birth parents.

-Michael Scott WILL return for the final episode, if only in the form of a skype call. Perhaps he and Holly will move back to Scranton and the show will end with him returning as manager of Dunder Mifflin.

Kevin says: 

-Andy will start a singing career and he and Erin will reunite.

-Angela will move to Schrute Farms with Dwight.

-Phillip will turn out to be Dwight's son after all, and we learn Angela paid off the doctor who claimed he wasn't the father.

-Jim will leave Athlead, but Darryl will stay on.  The company will become successful, but stiff. 

-Michael Scott will NOT return for the finale episode.  (But I hope I'm wrong!)

Trey says:

-The Final episode will center around the premiere of the documentary.

-After the finale airs, perhaps years later, The Office will return for a reunion episode in which we find out how fame has affected all of the characters lives.

-Oscar will get his revenge on the Senator, and meet the love of his life.  Maybe he meets this person through the documentary's release.  Perhaps it is Matt, the warehouse guy whom Oscar had a crush on earlier in the series, who contacts him after seeing the documentary.

-Andy & Erin will NOT reunite, and Pete & Erin will stay together. They won't get engaged, but maybe he might give her a promise ring.

-Meredith will decide she likes the "bald look" and keep it for good.

-Michael Scott will return, but in the form of a phone call, updating The Office about his life with Holly in Colorado.

Diana says:

-Erin & Pete will have a romance as if they are the new Jim & Pam

-Andy will become a professional singer or actor.

-Jim will become the manager of Dunder Mifflin and Darryl will stay with Athlead.

-Oscar & Angela will join forces to get their revenge on the Senator.

-Stanley will retire.

-Nothing much will change for Kevin or Phyllis.

-Ryan & Kelly will reunite.

-Michael Scott WILL make either a small appearance or be heard over a phone call.

Maggie says:

-Creed will move to a nudist beach where he can be his free self and start a band.

-Michael Scott WILL return to The Office by just showing up and bossing everyone around as though he'd never left.

Shivani says:

-Pam will accomplish something major in the art world.

-Pam & Jim will double date with Dwangela.

-Stanley will retire and become the grouchy old man he always wanted to be.

-Toby will finally let go of the Scranton Strangler incident.

-Michael Scott WILL return to The Office with his and Holly's baby girl :' )

Zak says: 

-Toby will ask Nellie to officially "go out" with him and she'll reluctantly agree. 

-Creed will finally learn that he works at a paper company.

-Michael Scott will NOT return for the finale.

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