Sorry it took a while to finish up this round up.  We've been a little busy with finale hype!

Last Wednesday on Facebook, we played Stump The Co-Admin with Co-Admin: Kevin (:

Question One: 

Posed by Tony DiMeo:
 Who was the male stripper Jim hired?

Co-Admin Kevin: Benjamin Franklin!

Fact check: 
MICHAEL: He's in his knickers.
S3E14 "Ben Franklin"

Result: NO STUMP!

Question Two:

Posed by Tony DiMeo: 
What song did Michael sing to Toby at his "going away" party?

Co Admin Kevin: Goodbye Toby!

Fact check: 

Result: NO STUMP!

Question Three: 

Posed by Martinez Aaron:
 Name of the bar Michael, Oscar and Andy go to in Winnipeg?

Co-Admin Kevin: CRAP! You've got me, I have no idea.

Fact check: 

The Huntsman
As recommended by Concierge Marie in S5E7 "Business Trip"


Question Four: 

Posed by Jeff:
 Finish this quote, guess the word and character saying it: "What did I tell you about ____?" 

Co-Admin Kevin: idea what comes after that.  But who said it? Stanley? I have no idea.

Fact Check:

JAN: What did I tell you about "yeppers"?

S3E18 "The Negotiation"

Result: STUMP!

Question Five: 

Posed by Adam Sportscenter:
 What ringtone song played repeatedly on Andy's cell phone when Jim hid it in the ceiling at the office?

Co-Admin Kevin: Rockin' Robin! Easy one.

Fact Check:

Click here if you can't see the video
S3E13 "The Return"

Result: NO STUMP!

View original Facebook post with play instructions here

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