Upcoming Episode: The Farm

This Thursday, NBC will return to airing NEW episodes of The Office after a few weeks of reruns.  This week's episode, The Farm, was originally set to be a "backdoor pilot" for a Dwight-centered spin-off.  Back in October, NBC decided not to go forward with the spin-off, but Office fans will still get to see what Dwight's show might have been like through this week's episode.

Maybe "The Farm" could have beet The Office in ratings?

The spin-off was supposed to center around Dwight's beet farm, Schrute Farms, and would feature both familiar and new members of his rural Pennsylvania family. The episode was rewritten after NBC dropped the option for a spin-off, to conform to The Office storylines, according to The Office U.S. Executive Producer Greg Daniels.

Preview Photo of S9E17 "The Farm" from Huffington Post

The episode will include guest stars such as Majandra Delfino (Who will play Dwight's sister Frannie) Thomas Middleditch (Who will play Dwight's brother Jeb) Matt L. Jones (who will return playing Dwight's cousin Zeke as he did in S9E13 "Junior Salesman") Tom Bower (who will play Dwight's Great Uncle Heinrich) and of course Michael Schur will return as Dwight's cousin Mose.  We're also hoping to see Mary Gillis return as Dwight's Aunt Shirley (shown in S9E16 "Moving On").

Preview Photo of S9E17 "The Farm" from Huffington Post

Follow this link to view a slideshow of photos from the upcoming episode over at Huffington Post. (The first 12 are from "The Farm")

S9E17 "The Farm" will air this Thursday 03/14 at 9PM EST