Mindy Kaling: On Ellie Kemper, Kelly & Ryan and The Office Finale

Mindy Kaling is better known to Office fans as the shallow but lovable former Customer Service rep of Dunder Mifflin, Kelly Kapoor. She left the show along with BJ Novak's Ryan Howard in Season 8, both of whom appeared briefly in Season 9's opener, "The New Guys".

Mindy Kaling
Kaling, who's since been working on her own Fox show, The Mindy Project, sat down with reporters yesterday to discuss everything from her new show, hers and Novak's return to The Office for the finale, and her relationship with Ellie Kemper (Erin Hannon).

With regard to the finale, it seems as though Kelly Kapoor won't be a large part of the 9 year series ender, given that Kaling said her scenes were shot in only a day.

Kelly and Ryan's tumultuous Office romance was on again off again for all 8 seasons they were regulars, but ended when her character moved to Miami (Ohio University) with her new fiance, Ravi.

I am going to Miami biotches. To hang with Lebron James and Gloria Estefan.
Enjoy the snow, losers!

Ryan is shown in the 9th season opener explaining his unrelated (yeah right) reason for moving there as well.

I’ve actually done a lot of market research and it actually turns out that southwestern Ohio is going to be the next Silicon Valley. They call it the Silicon Prairie. It’s a big university town.

Kaling said hers and Ryan's relationship would have a satisfying close for Office fans in the finale.

I can’t say too much about it except that there’s a nice unexpected reunion with Ryan. There’s a very gratifying and dramatic ending for the two of them.

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Kelly's bestie relationship with Erin, played by Ellie Kemper, isn't exclusive to the show.  Kaling had this to say about her on and off screen friend:

I would like nothing more than to work with Ellie Kemper for the rest of my life. I love her, she’s so fun to work with, she’s so naturally funny. [...] I love her. She’s one of my closest friends.

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The Series Finale of The Office airs May 16th 2013.

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