Stump The Co-Admin: 02/10/13

Yesterday on Facebook, we played Stump The Co-Admin with Co-Admin: Christine

Question One: 

Posed by Lindsay Johnston:
 What is Michael afraid of?

Co-Admin Christine: Being alone? I'm sure you're looking for something more specific but I'm stumped! 

Fan Lindsay Johnston: Nothing, also...snakes.

Fact check: 

DWIGHT: What is Michael Scott's greatest fear?
RYAN: Um, loneliness. Maybe women.
DWIGHT: Wrong. He's not afraid of anything. Also, I would have accepted snakes.  

S2E5 "Initiation"

You will now wrestle my cousin Mose.

Result: STUMP!

Question Two:

Posed by Brittany Pattinson: In which episode were two different actors used for the same role?

Co Admin Christine: That would be from Season 9, Andy's Family or something...with Fake Jim.

Fan Brittany Pattinson: Nice! The one I had in mind is from season 3.

Co Admin Christine: Bears Beets Battlestar Gallactica where Jim plays Dwight?

Fan Brittany Pattinson: I was talking about Benihana Christmas, the waitresses they brought back were different from those in the restaurant.

Fact check: 

Cindy 1 & Cindy 2


Question Three: 

Posed by Sam Shenberger:
 What season 5 episode had the deleted scene in which Dwight says "Imagine you're a beet farmer, and all the beets are complaining. 'Oh you picked me too early, I don't like the color hoe your using.' Just shut up, and be delicious!"?

Co-Admin Christine: No idea, not very familiar with the deleted scenes.  I'll take a guess and say "The Duel"? 

Fan Sam Shenberger: Season 5 episode 9, The Surplus.

Fact check: 

We'll have to take your word for it.  
No viewable video available online

Result: STUMP!

Question Four: 

Posed by Ryan Drew Richert:
 What did DeAngelo suffer from after his accident in season 7?

Co-Admin Christine: I think it was a coma.

Fact Check:

PAM: We could get DeAngelo flowers.
DWIGHT: No, you can't get flowers for someone who's in a coma. They'll wilt before he wakes up.

S7E23 "Dwight K. Shrute, (Acting) Manager"


Result: NO STUMP!

Question Five: 

Posed by Paul Ramos:
 What is phone extension is Andy Bernard's? In the episode where Charles Minor has Kevin answering phones.

Co-Admin Christine: Wow Paul, what a stumper! Total guess: 1145.

Fact Check:

ANDY: It is 1-3-4, Kev!

S5E20 "Dream Team"

Result: STUMP!

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