Ryan Howard (Not that one) of the Phillies, joins The Office as a guest star

According to an exclusive interview with ESPN magazineRyan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies will be joining The Office as a guest star in the upcoming March 28th episode (as yet untitled).

The office

He will play a potential client of Jim's and Darryl's upstart company Athlead and will be an exaggerated version of himself.  The interviewer sat down with Craig Robinson to get some dirt on what the final episodes of our beloved show might include.  Here's some excerpts:

"It’s been quite a rise for your character Darryl, from the warehouse to athlete representation. They even gave you a girl. Where do you see him going from here?

CRAIG: I think he sticks with Athlead and takes over. I think he lands that gigantic client and everybody starts to follow him. But who knows -- Darryl’s always been full of big ideas but it when it comes time to deliver, sometimes he has a nervous breakdown."

Are Jim and Pam heading for a divorce or are you guys just messing with us?

CRAIG: Wow, really interesting question. Hmmmm … I think I’m going to have to go with -- [in a sing-songy voice] -- you’re going to have to tune in and see!!

OK, how about Steve Carell … is he coming back?

CRAIG: That one I don’t know. He did his big, gigantic goodbye already but there was talk about bringing him back (for the season finale), but we only have three episodes left to shoot and I haven’t seen his name anywhere."

The Ryan Howard we know and...love? (BJ Novak) is expected to return to The Office for the finale, along with Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) according to multiple sources.