Become a Co-Admin of The Office-isms!

If you love The Office and want to share that love with thousands of fans....(twss?) we want to hear from you!

!!!!This is VOLUNTEER work!!!!

Best non-job ever.

Here's what we're looking for:

1)Huge Office fans with computer (Not phone/app) access to the web!

2) Someone comfortable with writing (funny is a plus!)

3) Someone creative with the ability to post NEW content to our site regularly (weekly or more often) things like:

-News articles about the show and/or cast
-Facebook cover photos/Wallpapers
-Original Creed Thoughts
-Original song parodies.
-In depth guides to aspects of the show. 
i.e. our Essential PB&J
-Top 10 moments 
-Episode reviews/rants
-Anything else you can think of!

Preferred but NOT required:

1)Knowledge of HTML & CSS
2)Experience with blogging, web design & social media management.
3)Access to and knowledge of Photoshop
4) Familiar with Blogger, Facebook Page Admin-ing & Tweetdeck
5) Strong understanding of Twitter

If you're interested in becoming a Co-Admin, please Contact Us.  

If you would like to contribute ORIGINAL content to the site (i.e. an article, a top 10 list, memes, fan art, etc) without becoming a Co-Admin, please Submit to Us.  You will be credited on the site for your material.