The Office: final episodes

During last night's episode, "Customer Loyalty" (Watch full episode here if you haven't seen it yet), the documentary crew began to be revealed.  

Brian the sound guy

According to The Office US creator, Greg Daniels, this marks the beginning of the end of The Office. 

Next week, TWO new episodes of The Office will air back to back, "Junior Salesman" and "Vandalism" on 01/31/2013. Scroll down for episode summaries.

!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!

"Junior Salesman" S9E13 Episode summary:

Dunder Mifflin CEO David Wallace  tasks Dwight with finding a part-time replacement for Jim; Dwight in turn enlists several of his close friends, including his cousin Mose. Pam tries to find out who her new desk mate will be. Erin, with help from Pete, tries to track down her actual birth parents.

"Vandalism" S9E14 Episode Summary:

Someone vandalizes Pam's warehouse mural. Distraught, she seeks the help of Dwight and Nellie, who both eagerly help her track down the vandal. Meanwhile, in their Philadelphia apartment, Darryl is uncomfortable with Jim's cleanliness. Angela  begrudgingly allows Oscar Martinez and Kevin Malone to attend her son Phillip's first birthday party.

Episode summaries taken from Wikipedia

Bonus spoilers:

In S9E15 "Andy's Return" (right now set to air 02/07/2013), Greg Daniels revealed that one person will be fired.  Daniels did not indicate whether this would be a long running cast member or someone new. 

S9E17 "The Farm" (set to air 02/21/2013) was originally set to be a backdoor pilot for the potential Dwight centered Office spin-off, The Farm.  Although NBC chose to pass on the spin-off back in October, the episode will still air.  But instead of introducing a lot of new characters and creating a set-up for the spin-off, the episode was rewritten to conform to The Office story lines.  Which means rather than leaving Dwight's story open in the final epsiodes, it's possible that Dwangela's rocky romance may finally be resolved.