Stump The Co-Admin 01/26/13

Last night on Facebook, we played the fourth round of our newest game: Stump The Co-Admin with Co-Admin: Nick

Question One: 

Posed by Dan Brunner:
 What is Michael Scott's middle name?

Co-Admin Nick: Easy one! Gary (:

Fact check: 

The one and only

Result: NO STUMP!

Question Two:

Posed by Felipe Ruiz: What did Michael Scarn's character say Toby was convicted of in Threat Level Midnight?

Co Admin Nick: Ooh, tough one....I wanna sayyyy, something grotesque like bestiality

Fact check: 

GOLDENFACE: Sorry about your friend, Scarn!
MICHAEL: The joke's on you Goldenface, that man was a wanted animal rapist.

Result: NO STUMP!

This round of Stump The Co-Admin was closed at two questions due to late posting and inactivity

View original Facebook post with play instructions here

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