Stump The Co-Admin 01/18/13

Today on Facebook, we played the second round of our newest game: Stump The Co-Admin with Co-Admin Diana

Question One: 

Posed by Cassidy Dorsey:
In the episode where Michael is preparing for Holly to give her fiance an ultimatum about their relationship, Erin is sorting Micheal's things into happy/sad boxes. She picks up a bag of gummy bears and worms, Micheal tells her to put one in the happy box, one in the sad box. Which is happy, and which is sad?

Fan Jennifer Lake: Bears are sad worms are happy :)

Co-Admin Diana: Looks like Jennifer answered :D Bears are for the Sad Box and Worms are for the Happy Box.

Fact check: 

ERIN: Gummy bears and gummy worms.
MICHAEL: Bears sad, worms happy. Come on, Erin.

S7E12 "Ultimatum"

Result: DRAW!

The Office-isms does not lose contests.  We win them.
Or we quit them because they are unfair.

Question Two:

Posed by Paul Ramos: 
What does Michael request for Jim to do if he dies in the episode where Michael, Jim and Dwight go and spy on Karen after she becomes regional manager and the copier machine falls on Michael and Dwight as they are trying to steal it?

Co Admin Diana: Wow, you stumped me Paul.  I don't know.

Fan Paul Ramos: He wanted Jim to host the Dundies.
Fact check: 
MICHAEL: Ah, Jim, if this is it for me, promise me something, host the Dundies.

S4E6 "Branch Wars"

Result: STUMP!

That's some pretty obscure trivia, Paul.
Remind me why you don't "work" for us?

Question Three: 

Posed by Cassidy Dorsey: What is the Icelandic word for "box of paper snow shoe racing"?

Co-Admin Diana: Uhm, Flonkton.

Fact check: 

JIM: You have what is the national sport of Icelandic paper companies. And I'm blanking on the name, can you help me out Pam?
PAM: Jim, they refer to it as Flonkerton. In English, box of paper snowshoe racing.

S2E3 "Office Olympics"


C'mon.  That one was close.

Question Four:

Posed by Paul Ramos: 
When Dwight, Holly and Erin are looking for Michael after Jim leaves him at the gas station bathroom in the episode The Search. What made up name does Michael use as his "millionaire character" name to get his free gift for signing up for a new cellphone plan?

Co-Admin Diana: Orville Toothenbocker?

Fact Check: 

ERIN: Orville Tootenbacher. That's Michael's millionaire character that...
DWIGHT & ERIN: ...Farts popcorn.

S7E14 "The Search"

Result: NO STUMP!

Even he'd give it to her on a typo.

Question Five:

Posed by Cassidy Dorsey: In 
the episode when the Michael Scott paper company is started, Pam goes to Michael's house to find that he has made an enormous amount of one specific breakfast food. What is it?

Co-Admin Diana: Pancakes?

Fact Check: 

French Toast

Result: STUMP!

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