Stump The Co-Admin: 01/10/13

Today on Facebook, we played the first round of our newest game: Stump The Co-Admin. Here's how it shook down:

Question One: 

Posed by Kyle Madera: "You've been exed punk!"

Co-Admin Christine: Michael Scott, from the pilot episode.

Fact check: MICHAEL: You been X'd, punk!" S1E1 "Pilot"

Result: NO STUMP!

Question Two:

Posed by Samatha Gerrits: What snack does Creed keep in his desk?

Co Admin Christine: That would be mung beans....and they smell like death.

Fact check: CREED: I sprout mung beans on a damp paper towel in my desk drawer. Very nutritious. But they smell like death. S2E21 "Conflict Resolution"

Result: NO STUMP!

Question Three: 

Posed by Amanda Sheppard: What was the painting of, in the house Jim bought, that wouldn't come off the wall?

Co-Admin Christine: I believe it had to do with clowns....I want to say scary clowns?

Fact check: 
Just one clown, and not very scary.

Result: STUMP! 

Question Four:

Posed By: Justin Scott Erwin: What kind of flooring was in the living room?

Co-Admin Christine: I'm pretty sure it was shag carpeting.

Justin Scott Erwin: Yellow shag.

Co-Admin Christine: I would've said orange.

Fact Check: 

Orange shag, sorry Justin!

Result: NO STUMP!

Question Five:

Posed by Lauren Pacheco: What did Oscar give to Creed for Secret Santa?

Co-Admin Christine: That I know was a shamrock keychain.

Fact Check: 

Result: NO STUMP!

View full facebook thread, with play instructions, here

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