Rainn Wilson talks about the end of The Office

Last month, Rainn Wilson sat down with Alex Moaba at Huffington Post to talk about The Office coming to an end, and what we can expect from the final episodes.  Here's what he had to say:

You know it's interesting. It's very bittersweet. Everyone is very ready for the show to end, and it's really run its course, and it feels like a really natural point in time to end the show. We get along so well ... and there's a lot of love on the set. We're going to miss each other greatly. So I know that I'm going to have a real heartache six months from now or a year from now around missing "The Office" and letting it go.

But you know, we do a lot of reminiscing  There's only nine or 10 episodes left to be filmed at this point! We were shooting a scene in the warehouse the other day, and I was reminiscing with Jenna [Fischer], and I was like, "Do you remember the first time we shot in "The Office" Dunder Mifflin warehouse? That was September of 2004. We were first shooting a basketball game in the warehouse. That was a long time ago.

We remember too.
 Part of the ending is going to be not only resolving the characters and what's happening in their lives, but the showing of the airing of the documentary on "The Office," and showing what effect that has on the characters. That's going to happen over the course of the last six or eight episodes. "The Office" characters get to watch themselves in the documentary. I think they're probably being documented as they're watching themselves in the documentary.

The Office finale is expected to air May 9th, 2013