FAKE JIM: Morning, Dwight
DWIGHT: Who are you?
FAKE JIM: Who am I? I'm Jim. We've been working together for twelve years. Ha, Weird joke, Dwight.
DWIGHT: You're not Jim. Jim's not Asian
FAKE JIM: You seriously never noticed? Hey, hats off to you for not seeing race.
DWIGHT: Alright then Jim. Ahhh, why don't you tell me about that sale that you made yesterday?
FAKE JIM: Uh, Wellington systems? Sold them 10 cases of 24-pound letter stock. Or, were you talking about Krieger-Murphy? Because I didn't close that one yet, but I'm hoping I've got a voicemail from Paul Krieger waiting for me.
VOICEMAIL: Please enter your password.
VOICEMAIL: You have one new message.
DWIGHT: How did you know? No! No, no! That is sensitive information only for employees, not outsiders!
FAKE JIM: Dwight, cut it out, I'm trying to work.
DWIGHT: You don't work here! You're not Jim!
PAM: Jim, I got us that dinner reservation. Grico’s at 7:30.
FAKE JIM: Oh great, can't wait. [Kisses Pam]

PAM: Jim's at the dentist this morning. And Steve is an actor friend of ours.
DWIGHT: I don't know who you are, but you are not Jim. This is Jim!
[Dwight shows fake Jim of the Halpert family portrait but notices that Jim and the kids have been replaced with fake Jim and Asian kids]
DWIGHT: Oh my—! Oh d—! Oh, how did—? [gasps] Huhhhhh!

S9E3: "Andy's Ancestry"