He thinks he's got us all figured out.

Steve Carell, on returning for a cameo as Michael Scott on The Office: (Read full article here)

 No, it hasn't been discussed.  Do you really think that people want to see Michael Scott again? I think the people who say they want to see Michael Scott reappear would be ultimately slightly disappointed. I think you always wish for something that you don't sincerely want to come true. And I think in a way it's better to imagine where Michael and Holly are at this point than actually see it.
False.  Michael Scott could walk into the office during a cold open, sit down on the reception couch, smile at Pam, wave at Stanley, tie his shoe, and then walk out without ever saying a line or making any reference to his life with Holly in Colorado.  And fans would be thrilled.  A little Michael is always better than no Michael at all.  
That's what she said.
Sigh. We never could stay mad at you.