Today's quote chosen by: Jon Chirichiello on Facebook

MICHAEL: Ah, la, la, la. What is that? That sound... The air-conditioning leaking or something?
JIM: That doesn't make sense, couldn't be.
MICHAEL: What is that? Dwight, are you peeing?
DWIGHT: I'm peeing in this empty can.
JIM: Oh my God!
MICHAEL: Come on man, that is disgusting Dwight!
DWIGHT: Well you said that we couldn't make anymore stops, and I really had to go.
JIM: Michael, watch the road!
DWIGHT: Hey, you're making me spray!
MICHAEL: I'll kill you man!
JIM: Michael! Michael, pull over!
MICHAEL: That is just so disgusting!
JIM: Pull over, pull over!
DWIGHT: I think I cut my penis on the lid!

S4E6 "Branch Wars"

Mo' money, Mo' prollems