This week's quote chosen by: Audrey Demirjian on Facebook.

You, my friend, would be da belle of da ball.

JIM: What'd you do, Prison Mike?
MICHAEL: I stole. And I robbed. And I kidnapped... the... president's son. And held him for ransom.
JIM: That is... quite the rap sheet, Prison Mike.
MICHAEL: And I nevah got caught, neither.
JIM: Well, you're... in prison, but, hmm.
PAM: Prison Mike? What was the food like in prison?
MICHAEL: Gruel. Sandwiches. Gruel omelettes. Nothing but gruel. Plus, you can eat your own hair.
ANDY: Wow. Prison sounds horrible.
MICHAEL: Yeah. Yeah. Well, thank you, Andy. Tanks.
DWIGHT: Prison Mike, What's the very very worst thing about prison?
ANGELA: Don't encourage him, Dwight.
MICHAEL: The worst thing about prison was the... was the Dementors.

S3E9 "The Convict"