Fan Feedback

We received an email from a fan who was unhappy about the changes we've made from how we used to post on The Office-isms Facebook and our original page, Michael Scott-isms. This fan told us they missed the daily quotes we posted on Facebook and felt our links to were starting to seem like spam. In case anyone else has the same feelings, here is how we responded:

Thanks for your feedback. We're sorry you're disappointed with the way we've changed things :(  We knew it would be a shock to those of you who have followed us so diligently from the beginning and we want to thank you sincerely for sticking with us.  Please let us explain why we made the changes we did, in case you missed our Facebook posts on the matter.

First, we've long wanted to become a source of show news, top 10/20/etc moment lists, videos, fan art, games and more.  Things we, as huge Office fans ourselves, wish were available on other fan sites.  Some fan sites are good sources of news, but not much else, others have full episodes transcribed but don't allow you to look up quotes easily without reading entire episodes, some are excellent sources of trivia, but require you to read full wiki type articles to get to the good stuff.  We wished there were a site that would post small quotes we could enjoy daily but also had other fun things like videos, games, wallpapers, facebook cover photos and blog-type articles like "The essential PB&J episodes" (coming soon, near valientine's day) And figured if we wanted all of those things in one place, so other Office fans would as well. Thus, was born.

Second, as our biggest reason for switching, Facebook is limited for us in what we can post and more importantly, what fans can see.  Of our combined 10K fans, a very, very small fraction have been able to see our posts conveniently on their homefeed as you said with recent changes to the way facebook is showing posts.  You may have noticed in the last few months that you are also seeing more advertisement type posts from companies your friends have "liked" such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc. This is due to what is called "promoted" posts in which Facebook now requires fan pages like us to compete with large corporation marketing budgets, which we can't do.  None of us are making money at this and therefore can't afford to pay to reach fans who we should be reaching to begin with, and were, until Facebook changed the game.  

We realized that most of the people who were seeing our quotes every day were doing so because they clicked on our actual page, not because it was always in their homefeed as it should have been.  And because of this, we figured a click on our page would be no different than a click to a linked or bookmarked website. Those fans who checked our facebook page daily, would eventually start checking a website daily. Now that we've begun posting links, oddly enough, we're reaching more fans than we were before and only posting quotes.

We can't say what the future holds for us, but so far we've had a very large surge of new fans since the launch of the website roughly 3 weeks ago and though there might be some growing pains in the beginning for us and for you, the fans, in the long run we're hoping everybody's happy with the way we're doing things.  

As a consolation, we'd like to make a couple of suggestions for you: First of all, -isms run We MIss You Michael Scott on Facebook, while not a daily page, posts much less links and still runs on regular quotes and screenshots as Michael Scott-isms used to.  The format is a little different, quotes are posted in episode order rather than randomly, but it might give you what you're looking for.  Conversely, (affiliated with us, but not run by us)'s Facebook page posts quotes fairly frequently, randomly and usually from the newer episodes.  Also, -isms run Creed Thoughts on Facebook runs much the same as We Miss You Michael Scott, not daily but Facebook centered and with few links.  It is some original material from us as the voice of Creed, and also snippets of NBC's Creed Thoughts blog. 

Lastly, I'd like to point you in the direction of our mobile site, if that's your means of accessing Facebook.  We've tried our best to make the mobile site as easily accessible as facebook.  Bookmarking it and checking it daily will give you the daily quotes we're known for, plus extras like Facebook cover photos, games, news and more. 

We hope you understand why we made the changes we did and although we won't be going back to our old format, we hope it won't cost us you as a fan.  Please, send us any suggestions you have for us to make the site better and anything that you think might help you enjoy it more.  We're ALWAYS open to feedback from fans.

Thanks, as always, for being a fan,
The Office-isms