Note: Chat is only moderated during scheduled viewing parties.
Tonight: February 14th 7PM PST/10PM EST *Must have DVD or Netflix access, we cannot provide episode links.
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Chat Rules:

1) NO TROLLING or CYBER BULLYING (Report private instances of this to moderator)
2) No chat clogging (i.e. hitting enter multiple times after short messages such as single letters)
3) Watch your language.  If it can't be said on the show without a bleep, it shouldn't be said here.
4) No linking to inappropriate sites (i.e. porn)
5) No misrepresenting yourself as TheOfficeisms, a moderator or CoAdmin

Violation of chat rules WILL get you banned.

Viewing Party Instructions:

1) Give yourself a temporary screen name by clicking "Set your name" in the lower left corner of the chat window. A small box will pop up with the option to set a temporary name.
2) Queue the predetermined episode(s) in another tab, window, or your TV screen and leave it paused at "00:00".
3) Introduce yourself to the chat.
4) When a Co-Admin begins counting down, prepare to hit PLAY on your queued video.

*If you arrive late, please ask for a "timestamp" in the chat window, and the Co-Admins will let you know the approximate time of where everyone is at in the video so you can move the video forward to that moment and join the discussion.