The Office Cast: Where are they now? May 16, 2017

Steve Carell

The past year has been a busy one for Steve, when he wasn't pranking The Office's fandom with reunion teaser tweets, he's been tirelessly working on new film projects. The former Michael Scott's most recently been spotted in San Francisco filming the leading role in "Beautiful Boy," a biodrama based on journalist David Sheff's drug-laden memoir. Steve has also returned to his popular voice character-- Gru, in the upcoming continuation of the popular Despicable Me franchise. And this time he's also voicing Dru -- Gru's previously unknown to him twin brother. "Despicable Me 3" is set to be released June 30th, 2017.

John Krasinski

This past year, John and his wife (Emily Blunt) welcomed the now nearly 1 year old Violet into their little brood. And according to her dad, 3 year old Hazel is in heaven having a little sister to hug. Career wise, John's also been busy. The Hollars, a dramedy that John himself directed and starred in, released last year. Fans of The Office might recognize Pam and Jim's actor friend Asian Jim "Steve," who plays a doctor in the movie. John's latest project, playing the title character in the upcoming Amazon series Jack Ryan, is currently in production and is expected to release later this year to Amazon Instant video subscribers.

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Why are there two Jims? o.0

Rainn Wilson

You can hear the former Dwight Schrute's voice as the character "Gargamel" in "Smurfs: The Lost Village," in theaters now.  But if you're hoping to find something more Office-y about Rainn's latest happenings, you've hit the jackpot. He's used a few different Office themed promotional tactics to bring attention to his work with the charity LIDE -- which helps educate rural Haitian girls. Most recently, Rainn launched an apparel campaign featuring a cartoon version of Dwight in a bear costume, holding beets and riding in a space ship. (Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.) The items: a mug, hoodie and T-shirt -- were available for sale with all proceeds going to LIDE until April 26 of this year. Last November, Rainn hosted Creed Bratton & Friends in Los Angeles with proceeds going to LIDE. Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, Craig Robinson and of course Creed Bratton all made appearances. I attended and streamed 3 live videos of portions of the show, available on our Facebook video roll and embedded here:

The Office Menu: Brought to you by the Party Planning Committee

Like any normal superfan, you've often thought about how much fun an Office themed party might be.  An IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. sign is a given, along with options for costumes, trivia games and maybe even a round of Flonkerton. But what, you may wonder, should be served for refreshments? 

Our Party Planning Committee guide to The Office Menu is complete with beverages, appetizers, finger sandwiches, entrees, healthier options, desserts, larger party options and catering suggestions all inspired by the show (along with a few recipes) to help you plan your next Office-themed event. 

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Michael Scott Pumpkin Stencil

Carve your very own Michael Scott Pumpkin using this stencil.


1) Click the stencil image above to download it in full size
2) Print the image (too small or large for your pumpkin? Try resizing and printing again)
3) Tape the stencil to your pumpkin
4) Trace cut out portions (black) by poking holes through the stencil along the lines using a ball-point pen. (Go deep! That's what she said...)
5) Remove the stencil from the pumpkin, but keep it as a guide.
6) Rub baby powder or flour over the dots you've made so you can see them easier.
&) Cut along the dotted lines (Be careful to leave the existing white parts from the stencil for structure)

Happy carving! Be sure to share your results with us on our Facebook page.