Unique The Office Gifts

If you love someone who's been a The Office fan for a while, it's likely they've already got a World's Best Boss mug, a Dundie, and maybe even a few T-Shirts. So here's some unique ideas for gifts, just in time for Christmas, that will delight your Office fan and make them feel like they stand out. 

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Kevin's pot of Chili Clock via Etsy.com 

Prison Mike Mug via Redbubble.com

Happy Holidays from Dunder Mifflin throw pillow via Redbubble.com

The Office mashup duvet cover via Redbubble.com 

Well well well, how the turntables... travel mug via Redbubble.com

I feel God in this Chili's tonight baby onesie via Redbubble.com

Pilot episode script miniskirt via Redbubble.com

Women's FEAR Mose shirt via Redbubble.com

Impish or Admirable Christmas Hoodie via Redbubble.com

Who is Justice Beaver? T-shirt via Redbubble.com

Teapot canvas print via Redbubble.com 

Main characters laptop decal via Etsy.com 

Prison Mike stud earrings via Etsy.com

Schrute Farms Mousepad via Etsy.com 

Hardcore Parkour decal via Etsy.com

Dunder Mifflin Christmas ornament via Etsy.com

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Celebrate Halloween with The Office

Scariest of scary, The Office said goodbye more than 4 years ago. Say it with us now..."BOOOOOOO!!!!"

Now that that's out of your system, here's our PPC tips for having the best Office-themed Halloween.

Click here for Halloween themed Facebook cover photos

 First off, if you're more the type to spend Halloween parked in front of your TV, between passing out candy to the Trick-or-Treaters, here's a list of all The Office's Halloween episodes:

S2E5 "Halloween"
S5E6 "Employee Transfer"
S6E8 "Koi Pond"
S7E6 "Costume Contest"
S8E5 "Spooked"
S9E5 "Here Comes Treble"

But if you're a more involved Halloween-er, here's what we've got:

Michael Scott Pumpkin Stencil

Carve your very own Michael Scott Pumpkin using this stencil.


1) Click the stencil image above to download it in full size
2) Print the image (too small or large for your pumpkin? Try resizing and printing again)
3) Tape the stencil to your pumpkin
4) Trace cut out portions (black) by poking holes through the stencil along the lines using a ball-point pen. (Go deep! That's what she said...)
5) Remove the stencil from the pumpkin, but keep it as a guide.
6) Rub baby powder or flour over the dots you've made so you can see them easier.
&) Cut along the dotted lines (Be careful to leave the existing white parts from the stencil for structure)

Happy carving! Be sure to share your results with us on our Facebook page.

The Office on The Sims 3

I promise, I do actually have a real job and a life outside of The Office. But when I have free time (and I usually have lots of it thanks to said real job) I like to spend it on diving deeper and deeper into Dunderhead fandom. Some are obvious, like this website and The Office-isms Facebook page and Discussion Group, compilation videos and hundreds of memes that you're probably already aware of. And others, like this one, I've kept under wraps until I felt like they were worthy of sharing with other superfan Office-ionados.

This project was something I've picked away at for many years.  For fun mostly, but also because: Of the various 3D models from the show already available online? Few get it right. And none show things like the warehouse or Vance Refrigeration's offices.

All of the custom content you see (general Office-y decorations not directly from the show, like the file folders and reception desk) came from this wonderful website: TheSimsResource.com (If you're into The Sims and haven't discovered this site yet, it will forever change the way you play the game)

And on that site, there's this awesome little program for creating custom content yourself called TSR Workshop. Now, I'm no mesh designer, so every wall decoration you see that's directly from the show (Pam's painting, Dunder Mifflin signs etc) all came from using that program for the simplest form of beginner content editing: changing textures on existing paintings, and a little bit of elementary Photoshop.

I tried my best to make it as show accurate as the game would allow. Some discrepancies couldn't be avoided. Like the number of windows in the conference room because the interior and exterior TV sets are different. Others (like the U-shaped stairs from The Office and L-shaped stairs into the warehouse) could have been more accurate had I known those things needed to be built first. But by the time I learned this, my build was already 75% done and I didn't have the patience to scrap it and start over. Lastly, I took some liberties with Vance Refrigeration's offices (indicated by blue walls in the shots below) since we never saw much of those on the show, and also with the warehouse and hallways.

As I said above, few models get everything just right. So please, feel free to point out any mistakes you might see so I can adjust them in the game and repost updated screenshots.

Without further ado, here's my Sims 3 Scranton Business Park (click any photo to enlarge)

Exterior. Note billboards, hay bails from WUPHF.com, roof
ladder from The Client, and trampoline from Safety Training

List of all The Office's "That's what she said." jokes.

Every "That's What She Said"
# Episode Speaker Straight line
 2.02 -1 Sexual Harassment Michael Jim: "No thanks, I'm good."
 2.02-2 Sexual Harassment Michael Pam: "My mother's coming."
 2.02-3 Sexual Harassment Michael Jim: "Wow, that is really hard."
"You really think you can go all day long?"
"Well, you always left me satisfied and smiling..."
 2.10 Christmas Party Michael Kevin: "Why did you get it so big?"
 2.12-1  The Injury Dwight Doctor: "Does the skin look red and swollen?"
2.12-2 The Injury* Michael Oscar: "You should put butter on it."
2.17 Dwight's Speech Michael Dwight eats grapes.
2.21 Conflict Resolution Michael Angela: "You already did me."
3.01 Gay Witch Hunt Michael Himself: "Put this matter to bed."
3.03 The Convention# Michael Jan: "I can't stay on top of you 24/7."
3.05 Initiation* Stanley Michael: "They taste so good in my mouth."
3.10 A Benihana Christmas Michael Waitress whispers in his ear.
3.12 Traveling Salesmen Dwight Michael: "I want you to think about it long and hard."
3.18-1 Cocktails Michael Jan: "Let's just blow this party off."
3.18-2 Cocktails Jan Herself: "Why is this so hard?"
3.21 Product Recall Michael Himself: "I need two men on this."
3.23 Beach Games* Everybody Michael: "Dip it in the water so it'll slide down your gullet more easily."
4.02 Dunder Mifflin Infinity Michael Himself: "Can you make that straighter?"
4.04 Money Michael Himself: "And up comes the toolbar."
4.07-1 Survivor Man Michael Himself: "That's what I said."
4.07-2 Survivor Man Jim Michael: "I say things like that to lighten the tension when things sort of get hard."
4.08-1 The Deposition Michael Himself: "Come again?"
4.08-1 The Deposition Michael Lawyer: "And you were directly under her the entire time?" (2×)
4.08-2 The Deposition Stenographer Reading back Michael's testimony.
4.09-2 Dinner Party Michael Jan: "Well, you are hardly my first!"
4.12 Did I Stutter? Michael Dwight: "Force it in as deep as you can."
4.14 Goodbye, Toby# Michael Holly: "It was easy to get in but impossible to rise up."
5.01 Weight Loss# Michael Dwight:"Hold it in your mouth if you can't swallow."
5.01 Weight Loss* Michael Jim: "It's gonna be tight."
5.04 Crime Aid Michael Himself: "It squeaks when you bang it."
5.05 Employee Transfer Michael Holly: "Don't make it harder than it needs to be."
5.06 Customer Survey Pam Kelly: "Dwight, get out of my nook!"
5.13 Stress Relief^ Michael Himself: "Oscar, would you reach over and touch his thing?"
5.16 Golden Ticket Dwight David Wallace: "This is huge."
5.25 Cafe Disco# Michael Himself: "I can't force you to go down, but I can entice you."
6.02 The Meeting Michael Jim: "Instead you screwed me."
6.03 The Delivery Michael Jim: "Put it away."
6.20 New Leads Michael Darryl: "You need to get back on top."
6.23 Body Language^ Oscar Michael:"Oh. Eso es lo que dice, el!"
6.26 Whistleblower Michael Michael: "Get it up. That's what..."
7.06 Costume Contest Dwight Dwight: "The trick is to do it face down with the post in your mouth."
7.08 Viewing Party Michael Gabe: "Michael, you're making this harder than it has to be."
7.09 WUPHF.com^ Michael Himself: "Oscar is my queen. That's easy, gimme a hard one."
7.14 The Seminar David Brent Himself: "Comedy is a place where the mind goes to tickle itself."
7.16 PDA Holly Herself: "I'm not saying it won't be hard, but we can make it work."
7.22 Goodbye, Michael Michael Michael: "This is going to feel so good getting this thing off my chest."
9.05 Here Comes Treble Creed Clark: "There's no way you guys are making this magic with just your mouths."
9.26 Finale Michael Dwight: "Michael, I can't believe you came."
#Opportunity declined.
*Deleted scene.