The Office on The Sims 3

I promise, I do actually have a real job and a life outside of The Office. But when I have free time (and I usually have lots of it thanks to said real job) I like to spend it on diving deeper and deeper into Dunderhead fandom. Some are obvious, like this website and The Office-isms Facebook page and Discussion Group, compilation videos and hundreds of memes that you're probably already aware of. And others, like this one, I've kept under wraps until I felt like they were worthy of sharing with other superfan Office-ionados.

This project was something I've picked away at for many years.  For fun mostly, but also because: Of the various 3D models from the show already available online? Few get it right. And none show things like the warehouse or Vance Refrigeration's offices.

All of the custom content you see (general Office-y decorations not directly from the show, like the file folders and reception desk) came from this wonderful website: (If you're into The Sims and haven't discovered this site yet, it will forever change the way you play the game)

And on that site, there's this awesome little program for creating custom content yourself called TSR Workshop. Now, I'm no mesh designer, so every wall decoration you see that's directly from the show (Pam's painting, Dunder Mifflin signs etc) all came from using that program for the simplest form of beginner content editing: changing textures on existing paintings, and a little bit of elementary Photoshop.

I tried my best to make it as show accurate as the game would allow. Some discrepancies couldn't be avoided. Like the number of windows in the conference room because the interior and exterior TV sets are different. Others (like the U-shaped stairs from The Office and L-shaped stairs into the warehouse) could have been more accurate had I known those things needed to be built first. But by the time I learned this, my build was already 75% done and I didn't have the patience to scrap it and start over. Lastly, I took some liberties with Vance Refrigeration's offices (indicated by blue walls in the shots below) since we never saw much of those on the show, and also with the warehouse and hallways.

As I said above, few models get everything just right. So please, feel free to point out any mistakes you might see so I can adjust them in the game and repost updated screenshots.

Without further ado, here's my Sims 3 Scranton Business Park (click any photo to enlarge)

Exterior. Note billboards, hay bails from, roof
ladder from The Client, and trampoline from Safety Training

Warehouse exterior with Dunder Mifflin deliveries sign

Scranton Business Park entrance

1st floor. Coffee Shop

Using the elevator, we move up to the 2nd floor

Dunder Mifflin office entrance viewed from Vance Refrigeration office
(Elevator is to the right off screen)


Note Pam's painting, the painting above the couch and
the Teamwork poster behind reception.
That's Erin at reception btw

15 Shows You Should Watch If You're A Fan of The Office

It's been 4 years since The Office's cast took their final bows *sob* and we've watched, rewatched and binged on Netflix again and again ever since trying to fill the void it left behind.

Image result for the office netflix meme
Psh...those are rookie numbers.
And while our beloved show never, ever ever gets old, sometimes we get a hankering for something new. So here's our list of shows you're likely to enjoy if The Office is your all-time favorite show.

#15: The Walking Dead

Alright, so we know it's a stretch but hear us out.  One of the hallmarks of The Office was its use of a large ensemble cast, slowly introducing seemingly background characters that eventually got more and more screen-time until they eventually became fan favorites over the course of the series.  The Walking Dead, we argue, does exactly the same thing.  The Walking Dead also populates early episodes, and even entire seasons, with these same types of might-as-well-be-extras characters.  Little do your realize as you binge through the episodes, that that one person whose name you can't even remember will one day charm their way into your heart as, at least, your secondary favorite. 

And, if part of the reason you loved The Office wasn't just the comedy, but the writers' ability to pen characters you actually gave a damn about, look no further than The Walking Dead for another excellent exercise in character driven plot-lines and long-term character development. 

No, it isn't comedy.  But, much like The Office was so much more than a simple "workplace show," as any true TWD fan will tell you, The Walking Dead is waaaaay more than just a "zombie show." 

Lastly, we argue that Dwight would have effing loved it.

Image result for walking dead dwight the office

Oh but um, you might not want to get too attached to anyone.

Seasons 1-6 are available on Netflix. Season 7 will be available around the time Season 8 premieres this October.

#14 House of Cards

Another, perhaps further, stretch, given that this show is also not comedic in nature, however there's one thing it has in common with our beloved Office that landed it on our list. 

The Office was known for breaking many TV norms, losing the laugh-track used by all sitcoms at the time, moving camera persons, and, of course, the breaking of the 4th wall.  For the first time, a network show openly had characters communicating directly to its audience. And if the intimacy of having a character speak to you, letting you in on the secrets the other characters didn't even know about, was part of why you loved The Office, you might also enjoy getting to know Frank Underwood. Ok so, maybe not "enjoy" once you start to get to know him since he's no Michael Scott in terms of likability, however, he has a knack for making you feel like you're in on whatever scheme he's up to by explaining his true motivations through that broken 4th wall.

Think of it as a darker, more twisted and politically driven version of knowing what Jim was up to while pranking Dwight.

Image result for frank underwood talking to the camera

5 Seasons are available on Netflix

#13 Game of Thrones

(The comedy's coming, cool your jets)

Double down on everything we said about The Walking Dead and add to it that The Office itself not only referenced Game Of Thrones but also permanently impacted the HBO hit through the episode in which it was featured.  You may remember season 9's bit where Dwight teaches Erin Dothraki, a fictional language created by a linguistic contest winner David J. Peterson.  What you might not know is that when The Office's writing staff penned those scenes, they never consulted the Game of Thrones writers or Peterson.  And yet, Erin and Dwight both spoke valid, accurate Dothraki on the show. After the episode aired, Peterson was so impressed by Dwight's usage of noun-verb compounds which he himself hadn't even thought to create, he decided to canonize Dwight's ideas and named the Dothraki linguistic usage...get this... The Schrutean Compound. 

And in Dwight's words: "Game of Thrones, it has a lot of nudity.  Which I fast forward through to get to the chopped off heads."

PS: We meant it about doubling down on what we said above about The Walking Dead. Seriously! Don't. Get. Attached.

6 seasons are available exclusively to HBO subscribers. If you don't have access to HBO consider trying HBO Now on streaming devices which comes with a 30 day free trial. Each season only contains 10 episodes, so it is possible to binge everything in 1 month. Season 7 premieres July 16th this year. 

#12 Battlestar Gallactica 

Ok, so we realize this is starting to seem like a list birthed from raiding Dwight's DVD collection, but we couldn't possibly have made this list without including the show referenced more times than any other on The Office, and arguably, the single most requoted joke by Office fans: "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Gallactica." 

The 1978 original series only lasted 24 episodes, but quickly became a cult classic story franchise with subsequent novels, comic books and video games.  In 2003, it was rebooted into a miniseries and later went on to have 4 seasons, 2 films and a slew of webisodes.  It's also known among fans as being the quintessential binge-watching show, with its addictive qualities being humorized in this very popular Portlandia scene shown below:

Tip: If you're hoping to catch Dwight's references to it, you're best off watching the more recent incarnation of the show.

Battlestar Galactica is available on Hulu.

#11 Archer

And now we move on to tickle your funny bone.

Image result for phrasing

If you're a big fan of The Office's "That's what she said" jokes, look no further than the FX adult cartoon hit, Archer.

Your only dilemma after watching both The Office and Archer will be deciding whether to shout "That's what she said!" or "Phrasing" after hearing someone commit a double entendre.

It recently closed up its 8th season, and seasons 1-7 can be found on Netflix.

#10 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Fans of both The Office and Seinfeld are likely to love IASIP, since it could be described as a show about nothing in the workplace. Not many half hour comedy shows can boast its success and popularity, recently closing up its 12th season and set to be renewed for at least 2 more, which will tie it with Ozzie and Harriet as the longest running live-action sitcom in history.

Known for it's dark, edgy, R-rated, character-based humor, fans of The Office might enjoy watching and wondering how similar Michael Scott's jokes could have been to IASIP had The Office not been restricted by censorship on broadcast television.

Image result for it's always sunny in philadelphia meme

Seasons 1-11 are available on Netflix

#9 Modern Family

Recently closing up its 8th season on ABC, this popular sitcom has a lot of similarities to The Office. The most obvious being its mockumentary, 4th wall breaking, style. The talking heads we Office fans came to love are used well in this critically acclaimed comedy series, though fans of The Office might become frustrated with its lack of explanation for why the characters are being filmed.

Image result for modern family meme

Modern Family boasts an Emmy win for Outstanding Comedy Series for each and every one of the first 5 seasons it aired.

Modern Family is available on Hulu.

#8 30 Rock

Tina Fey's masterpiece appeals most to fans of SNL, but Office fans can find some similarities and a lot of laughs in 30 Rock. It's a workplace comedy for one, written by arguably NBC's greatest living comedic mind, and is full of quirky, flawed, lovable characters.

But the coolest connection it has to The Office comes as a result of 30 Rock being semi-based in reality, with characters aware of Steve Carell's genius on our beloved show. Check out this little clip from Season 5:

All 7 seasons of 30 Rock are available on Netflix.

#7 Community

If the reason you love The Office is its collection of misfit characters, you'll find a lot to like about NBC's comedy Community. It also places a lot of emphasis on its setting, a community college, much like The Office did with a workplace. The jokes are quick and full of pop cultural references, if a bit more silly than what you get from The Office.

What's really fun about Community is all the alternate reality episodes it had. Like a claymation Christmas episode, a video-game type animated episode, a puppet episode, etc.  So if you liked Threat Level Midnight and how it broke up the regularity of The Office with a bit of indulgent fun, you'll probably enjoy these semi-frequent gems in Community.

Image result for community tv show

Community is available exclusively on Hulu

#6 Arrested Development

If you loved Jim, Pam, or Oscar for being the voices of reason among a slew of crazier characters, you're likely to enjoy AD's Michael (played by Jason Bateman). Much like The Office, some of the funniest moments in Arrested Development come not just from the antics of the more harebrained members of the cast, but from the reactions of the straight-man who's shaking his head along with you, the viewer.

Image result for arrested development the office
And there's tons of Office cast sightings! 
Other similarities include the moving camera work, LOADS of awkward moments (cringe comedy gets a lot of love in AD) and it also has its own share of long running jokes to please frequent viewers. But most of all, AD is a character study much like The Office where you see how the varying personalities intertwine and also how they evolve over time, but a bit more sped up than what you see on The Office.

Arrested Development is available on Netflix

#5 New Girl

Were it not for the Office-Universe of shows you'll see lower on this list, New Girl would be number one on our list of shows that translate best to fans of The Office.

No laugh track? Check.
Quirky well-developed characters? Check.
Multiple romances to ship? Check.
Pop-culture jokes? Check.
Belly laughs? Check
Tear jerking moments? Check.
Hilariously relatable scenarios? Triple check.

In other words, it's got almost everything The Office had, minus the talking heads and moving camerapersons.

Image result for new girl the office angela oscar zooey
It's even got appearances from Angela (and Oscar)! 

No doubt you've heard of it, and maybe a friend or two has suggested you watch it, but you shrug them off and say you'd rather rewatch The Office instead. Which of course, you're entitled to do. But if ever the desire hits to ease out of your Dunder Mifflin comfort zone, New Girl might be just the ticket. It centers around Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, a naive and eternally nice teacher who moves in with a group of unique and lovable dudes.

Recently renewed for it's final 7th season on FOX, the first 5 (soon to be 6) seasons are available on Netflix.

#4 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Erin fans, if you're not watching Netflix's original hit show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yet, you're missing out.  Her title character is incredibly similar to Erin in a lot of ways (Adorably ditzy, always optimistic and happy in spite of a dark past, romantic mishaps, etc) and you might also notice that the comedic tone feels familiar since it's penned by Tina Fey of NBC comedy fame.

The characters are flawed, but extremely lovable. Lillian might remind you somewhat of Meredith. Jacqueline reminds us a bit of Jan (but much more endearing) and Titus, well, he's in a class of his own but if we're forcing Office comparisons, imagine Michael + Andy + Stanley having a love child. Add some glitter and a penchant for cassette tapes and you'll end up with Titus Andromedon.

Image result for kimmy schmidt memes -gif

3 seasons are available exclusively on Netflix. What are you waiting for?

#3 The Mindy Project

Our beloved cast is seen more frequently on this show than almost any other (save for maybe Arrested's close). Not only does Queen Mindy star, write and produce -- remember that she wasn't only an actress on The Office, she also wrote episodes like The Injury and Niagara -- but you can see cameos and larger parts from Office-alum like Paul Lieberstein (Toby), Ed Helms (Andy), BJ Novak (Ryan), Ellie Kemper (Erin), Anna Camp (Pam's sister Penny), Kelen Coleman (Isabel) and even Beth Grant (Dwight's babysitter!).

Mindy, the character, is a lot like both her Office alter-ego Kelly with a little bit of Michael Scott rolled in. But most importantly, Mindy the person, writes and/or executive produces every single episode, so a LOT of the humor will feel familiar to what you came to love on The Office.

The Mindy Project is available on Hulu.

#2 Parks and Recreation

It's a mockumentary. It was created by Greg Daniels (Executive producer and creator of The Office U.S.) and Michael Schur (You know him as Mose). It uses exactly the same camera styles, talking heads, workplace comedy writing, and character development as The Office. It even has a Toby (Jerry).

Image result for parks and rec meme

It's basically The Office, but with a lighter touch and much more emphasis placed on its friendships.

Leslie Knope is a less-offensive, more ambitious, female version of Michael Scott.
April is a young female version of Stanley.
Ron Swanson is (if possible) a manlier version of Dwight.
Donna and Tom will likely remind you a lot of Kelly.
Ben makes for an adorable Jim type.
Ann, wholly unlike Karen, played by Rashida Jones, is a (if possible) nicer version of Pam.
And Andy Dwyer is, well... he could best be described as an energetic golden retriever that was magically turned human, but still isn't quite sure exactly how to human.

Rare is The Office fan who hasn't at least tried Parks and Rec. But rarer still is the fan who's actually watched the entire series. As amazing as The Office was, it took until roughly the second season to really hit its stride and break away from its mother show The Office U.K. Parks is no different in this regard. While season one of Parks grows on you, much like The Office's first season, it pales in comparison to the following seasons which are chock full of both hilarity and LOADS of heart.

Give it a shot, for more than one season, please. PS: The 1st season is very short, just like The Office's.

All six seasons are available on Netflix.

#1 The Office U.K. 

There's no other way to end this list than to pay homage to the amazing brainchild of Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant that started it all. With a total episode count of only 14, (Yes, 14!) it's a quick binge compared with anything else on this list.

Image result for the office uk meme

For American viewers, it's tough to catch all the jokes and references, but in the age of smart phones and Netflix's handy subtitles, it's possible to sift through the British-isms via Google and learn a thing or two, making watching a sort of interactive experience.

You'll also recognize story lines from episodes of The Office U.S. featured in Pilot, Health Care, The Alliance and Hot Girl. Tim and Dawn flirting at reception not only reminds you of PB&J, Pam and Jim's whole beginning damn near mirrors the original almost exactly. The whole cast will remind you of their later American versions, from David (Michael) to Gareth (Dwight) to Tim (Jim) to Dawn (Pam) in the main cast right down to those in the secondary cast like Chris (Todd Packer) Ricky (Ryan) and Jennifer (Jan) among others.

The largest difference aside from the colloquial speech patterns you'll notice, will likely be its relaxed censors. Where The Office US is toned down and full of innuendo for broadcast audiences, The UK version is balls bollocks out raunchy humor full of F-bombs and dirty jokes.

Give it a try, if nothing else, out of respect for our parent show.

Currently both seasons series are available to US Netflix subscribers. 

Agree with our choices? Disagree? Sound off in the comments below!

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The Office's 20 Best Inside Jokes

No matter how long you've been a fan of The Office or how many times you've binged the series, there's a lot of inside jokes and easter eggs the showrunners left behind you might have missed. So check out our list of The Office's Top 20 inside jokes and let us know how many you never noticed until now. 
Now's your chance

#20. Michael's Certificate

Instead of a diploma like most people would have hung up in their private office, Michael Scott proudly displays his "Seyko" watch certificate of authenticity.

Image result for michael scott seiko watch

#19. Building Address

The fictional address for Scranton Business Park we see in the show places the building on Slough Avenue. Slough is also the city where the original The Office (U.K.) takes place. 

#18. Studio Address

Meanwhile, the real address of Chandler Valley Studios (the central filming location of The Office) is 13927 Saticoy St. Panorama City, California. Sound familiar? Flashback to Season 5's "New Boss" where Charles Miner tells us he worked for a company named Saticoy Steel before working at Dunder Mifflin.

African Americans have such a rich history of unusual names.

#17. PB&J License Plate & Colorful Paperclip Connection

A reddit user decided to google Jim and Pam's license plate number to see what, if anything, came up, and discovered that CHD-0032 is also the model number of Michael's favorite paperclips, (referenced in "Weight Loss").

#16. Dwight's Beet

In season 6's "St. Patrick's Day," Dwight is growing a beet on his Megadesk.  Later in the episode (after Jim forces Dwight to give up Megadesk) we get a clearer shot of the beet. 

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and screen

#15. Angela's Whiteboard

In a few different spots on the large whiteboard calendar behind Angela's desk, there are a couple of jokes written by the prop department. It's difficult to see it while watching the show in seasons 4 and 5, but here's a great shot taken by Tanster over at OfficeTally during a set visit that shows it clearly.  

In the space marked for the 1st of the month, text reads "In case you haven't noticed, there's alot(sic) of colorful hooey on this board!"

In the space marked for the 16th of the month, text reads "It's too hard to write in these last 3 spaces."

#14. Dunder Mifflin Newsletters

In Season 1's "The Alliance," we see a quick shot of a company newsletter with Michael and Dwight dressed in 80's fashion.  Paused just right, you might be able to read the prop department's joke article next to the image. 

Text reads: "Welcome to yet another exciting edition of the Dunder Mifflin Newsletter. Thanks to all the staff and new contributing writers for putting this together for all of you, and also many thanks to the folks at DesignTown for printing this out for us. Hopefully, you will find a lot of useless information contained herein that will help you do your job better, faster, and quicker, and cheaper, and happier.

As anybody can easily tell, this newsletter doesn't really have alot
(sic) to say. Its really just a prop to fill some space and sort of look like a newsletter without really being much of a newsletter at all. By typing a lot of words in two columns on the front of this page, we can acheive the look of a newsletter without really reporting much news or provide any real information to the matter at all. In fact, at times we can probably get away with not using real English words such as kjgovtjskdhg, ajhfklbf, or the much beloved dnkjserhgjhf. These words can also be strung together to form a sentence, paragraph, or even a prop book, magazine, or newspaper."

Bonus: The same text is used in this other newsletter shot we see briefly in both Season 2's "The Carpet" and Season 3's "Grief Counseling" 

Image result for dunder mifflin newsletter

#13. Beesly-"Halpret" Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

In Season 6's "Niagara," the sign outside of Jim and Pam's rehearsal dinner misspells Jim's last name "Halpret" instead of Halpert. 

Image result for halpret rehearsal dinner sign 

#12. Michael's broken TV

Remember when Jan broke Michael's $200 plasma screen TV by throwing a Dundie at it during Seasons 4's "Dinner Party"? In Season 5's "Dream Team" we get a throwback to that episode when the camera pans to show that now Michael has another larger TV underneath the still broken mounted TV. 

#11. Benihana Waitresses

In Season 3's "A Benihana Christmas," Two of the waitresses from the restaurant are invited to the office's Christmas party.  Toward the end of the episode, Michael tells Jim he had to mark one of their arms to tell them apart. But did you notice that the waitresses who show up to the party are actually different than the ones who were at the restaurant? It's an inside joke that the casting department couldn't tell them apart either. 

#10. Creed's Mugshot

In various episodes, if paused just right, you can see that Creed has his own mugshot taped up on the wall next to his desk. This shot was taken from Season 6's "The Lover."

#9. Creed's Thievery, Times Two

In season 7's "The Search" you might have spotted Creed once on Mr. Chu's bulletin board of thieves, but did you see that he's actually there twice? Once as his regular self, and then again wearing a brown wig.

#8. Michael's Wallet

In Season 4's "Chair Model" we get a quick shot of Michael's wallet, which is bedazzled along the edge with pink rhinestones. 

#7. Pam's Teapot in The Finer Things Club

In Season 4's "Branch Wars" the teapot Jim gave Pam in Season 2's "Christmas Party" can be seen during a Finer Things Club meeting. 

#6. John, Not Jim, Signs Meredith's Cast

In Season 4's "Launch Party" John Krasinski signs his own name instead of his character's name on Meredith's pelvic cast. 

I'll read this when I get home.

#5. Dwight's Hotel Hell Salary

In Season 3's "The Job" Dwight's comedic exchange with Jim ends with him saying his salary as a co-owner of a bed and breakfast with Satan is $80,000 a year.

A fan on our page decided to take out his calculator and realized that this amount breaks down to $6,666.66 per month. 

#4. Clown Painting

In Season 5's "Frame Toby" Jim shows us the clown painting firmly attached to the wall in his childhood home, apparently crucial to the structural integrity of the building. But in Season 7's "Garage Sale" we see that Jim and Pam must've figured out how to dislodge it from their wall, because it's up for sale. 

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and indoor

#3. Michael's Salad Dressing

In season 4's "Dunder Mifflin Infinity" we see that Michael made his own salad dressing, aptly named "Great Scott", with a label reminiscent of Newman's Own brand.  And in a deleted scene from "Fun Run" Michael tells us a little more about it:

"I make my own salad dressing. I mix Newman's Ranch with Newman's Italian. Sell it at flea markets for a slight loss. I could make... I could make a profit if I changed one of the ingredients to Wishbone but I won't do it."

Image result for michael scott salad dressing

#2. Phyllis and Bob, Bob Vance Refrigeration's Wedding Cake

Pause just right during Season 3's "Phyllis' Wedding" and you might notice that Phlob's wedding cake topper was, what else?, a refrigerator. But here's a better shot of it from an NBC promotional shoot. 

Image result for phyllis and bob's wedding cake
And of course the groom's cake is also a fridge.

#1. Dinner Party - The Injury Connection

In Season 4's "Dinner Party" as Jan and Michael give Pam and Jim a tour of their bedroom, you can spot Michael's George Foreman Grill right behind Jan.  It's by far our favorite prop department joke that Michael is still waking up to the smell of crackling bacon, despite having accidentally cooked his foot 2 seasons before in "The Injury."

Oh, and uh, never mind the blue adult toy....

Did we miss any of your favorite inside jokes? Sound off in the comments below.