15 Shows You Should Watch If You're A Fan of The Office

It's been 4 years since The Office's cast took their final bows *sob* and we've watched, rewatched and binged on Netflix again and again ever since trying to fill the void it left behind.

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Psh...those are rookie numbers.
And while our beloved show never, ever ever gets old, sometimes we get a hankering for something new. So here's our list of shows you're likely to enjoy if The Office is your all-time favorite show.

#15: The Walking Dead

Alright, so we know it's a stretch but hear us out.  One of the hallmarks of The Office was its use of a large ensemble cast, slowly introducing seemingly background characters that eventually got more and more screen-time until they eventually became fan favorites over the course of the series.  The Walking Dead, we argue, does exactly the same thing.  The Walking Dead also populates early episodes, and even entire seasons, with these same types of might-as-well-be-extras characters.  Little do your realize as you binge through the episodes, that that one person whose name you can't even remember will one day charm their way into your heart as, at least, your secondary favorite. 

And, if part of the reason you loved The Office wasn't just the comedy, but the writers' ability to pen characters you actually gave a damn about, look no further than The Walking Dead for another excellent exercise in character driven plot-lines and long-term character development. 

No, it isn't comedy.  But, much like The Office was so much more than a simple "workplace show," as any true TWD fan will tell you, The Walking Dead is waaaaay more than just a "zombie show." 

Lastly, we argue that Dwight would have effing loved it.

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Oh but um, you might not want to get too attached to anyone.

Seasons 1-6 are available on Netflix. Season 7 will be available around the time Season 8 premieres this October.

8 Behind The Scenes Facts from "The Office" You Probably Don't Know

Alright, so you're an expert on all things The Office, right? We know this because of our bitter memories of your correction comments from over the years.  And by the way, it is "What kind of bear is best?" not "Which kind of bear is best?" thankyouverymuch.

Admin plight aside, we know The Office pretty damn well ourselves.  And even we didn't know most of this stuff.  So check it out, and leave your corrections additions in the comments below!

8) In Greg Daniels' mind (The Office U.S. creator and executive producer), Jim and Pam would have been an interracial couple.  In this alternative showniverse, Craig Robinson would have played Roy instead of Darryl, and Justine, Darryl's ex-wife, would have played Pam.

It would have been tough to hate Craig.
7) Remember that episode in Season 9 where Pam interviews with Bizarro-Michael for a job? (In actuality, Mark played by Bob Odenkirk) That scene was a throwback to the little known fact that Bob Odenkirk nearly got the role of Michael Scott, when Steve Carell almost had to bow out due to another pilot commitment.

6) The opening credit images were shot by John Krasinski.  After he landed the role of Jim, he and some friends took off to Scranton for a road-trip to get a feel for the place.  The title editors later used his shots for the opening sequences.

5) Oscar's being gay was decided because the writers saw Oscar Nunez wearing a pink shirt during a table read.

Michael Scott Pumpkin Stencil

Carve your very own Michael Scott Pumpkin using this stencil.


1) Click the stencil image above to download it in full size
2) Print the image (too small or large for your pumpkin? Try resizing and printing again)
3) Tape the stencil to your pumpkin
4) Trace cut out portions (black) by poking holes through the stencil along the lines using a ball-point pen. (Go deep! That's what she said...)
5) Remove the stencil from the pumpkin, but keep it as a guide.
6) Rub baby powder or flour over the dots you've made so you can see them easier.
&) Cut along the dotted lines (Be careful to leave the existing white parts from the stencil for structure)

Happy carving! Be sure to share your results with us on our Facebook page.

The Office on The Sims 3

I promise, I do actually have a real job and a life outside of The Office. But when I have free time (and I usually have lots of it thanks to said real job) I like to spend it on diving deeper and deeper into Dunderhead fandom. Some are obvious, like this website and The Office-isms Facebook page and Discussion Group, compilation videos and hundreds of memes that you're probably already aware of. And others, like this one, I've kept under wraps until I felt like they were worthy of sharing with other superfan Office-ionados.

This project was something I've picked away at for many years.  For fun mostly, but also because: Of the various 3D models from the show already available online? Few get it right. And none show things like the warehouse or Vance Refrigeration's offices.

All of the custom content you see (general Office-y decorations not directly from the show, like the file folders and reception desk) came from this wonderful website: TheSimsResource.com (If you're into The Sims and haven't discovered this site yet, it will forever change the way you play the game)

And on that site, there's this awesome little program for creating custom content yourself called TSR Workshop. Now, I'm no mesh designer, so every wall decoration you see that's directly from the show (Pam's painting, Dunder Mifflin signs etc) all came from using that program for the simplest form of beginner content editing: changing textures on existing paintings, and a little bit of elementary Photoshop.

I tried my best to make it as show accurate as the game would allow. Some discrepancies couldn't be avoided. Like the number of windows in the conference room because the interior and exterior TV sets are different. Others (like the U-shaped stairs from The Office and L-shaped stairs into the warehouse) could have been more accurate had I known those things needed to be built first. But by the time I learned this, my build was already 75% done and I didn't have the patience to scrap it and start over. Lastly, I took some liberties with Vance Refrigeration's offices (indicated by blue walls in the shots below) since we never saw much of those on the show, and also with the warehouse and hallways.

As I said above, few models get everything just right. So please, feel free to point out any mistakes you might see so I can adjust them in the game and repost updated screenshots.

Without further ado, here's my Sims 3 Scranton Business Park (click any photo to enlarge)

Exterior. Note billboards, hay bails from WUPHF.com, roof
ladder from The Client, and trampoline from Safety Training

The Office's 20 Best Inside Jokes

No matter how long you've been a fan of The Office or how many times you've binged the series, there's a lot of inside jokes and easter eggs the showrunners left behind you might have missed. So check out our list of The Office's Top 20 inside jokes and let us know how many you never noticed until now. 
Now's your chance

#20. Michael's Certificate

Instead of a diploma like most people would have hung up in their private office, Michael Scott proudly displays his "Seyko" watch certificate of authenticity.

Image result for michael scott seiko watch

#19. Building Address

The fictional address for Scranton Business Park we see in the show places the building on Slough Avenue. Slough is also the city where the original The Office (U.K.) takes place. 

#18. Studio Address

Meanwhile, the real address of Chandler Valley Studios (the central filming location of The Office) is 13927 Saticoy St. Panorama City, California. Sound familiar? Flashback to Season 5's "New Boss" where Charles Miner tells us he worked for a company named Saticoy Steel before working at Dunder Mifflin.

African Americans have such a rich history of unusual names.

#17. PB&J License Plate & Colorful Paperclip Connection

A reddit user decided to google Jim and Pam's license plate number to see what, if anything, came up, and discovered that CHD-0032 is also the model number of Michael's favorite paperclips, (referenced in "Weight Loss").

#16. Dwight's Beet

In season 6's "St. Patrick's Day," Dwight is growing a beet on his Megadesk.  Later in the episode (after Jim forces Dwight to give up Megadesk) we get a clearer shot of the beet. 

#15. Angela's Whiteboard

In a few different spots on the large whiteboard calendar behind Angela's desk, there are a couple of jokes written by the prop department. It's difficult to see it while watching the show in seasons 4 and 5, but here's a great shot taken by Tanster over at OfficeTally during a set visit that shows it clearly.  

In the space marked for the 1st of the month, text reads "In case you haven't noticed, there's alot(sic) of colorful hooey on this board!"

In the space marked for the 16th of the month, text reads "It's too hard to write in these last 3 spaces."